Life, the universe and kittens.

Vet visits are over for a few months. Good.
Moon Pie is not a car kitty at all. There was some *ahem* unpleasantness, which we took care of but Otto was sitting on top of Moon Pie (looking very comfortable) to get away from it and Moon Pie just squawked about it all.

We pulled over to sort things out, got them out of the carrier to get them cleaned up then Otto sat down and made herself comfy so I just let her sit in my lap wrapped up in a towel (she likes to be warm). Moon Pie wanted to crawl all over the car, which is not an option in traffic, so she had to go back in the box. Luckily she settled a little when she noticed it wasn’t so bad in the carrier now, so we made it to the vet’s just about on time.

Gah. We’ll try a different time table next time.
Anyhoo, all her running around is keeping Moon Pie trim. From what the vet said, they expect a 4 month old kitten to be 4 pounds. Moon Pie is hitting just at 3.5, though the vet said, as he watched her run around the room and climb everything the whole time she was there, she was clearly all muscle and doing fine. I told him her eating habits (LOVES the 1/2 tbsp canned food she gets a day and then nibbles on the dry all day long) and he was satisfied.

Otto sat on the table and purred the entire time (while weighing in at 4 pounds even… I suspect I won’t have to worry about her being underweight.) He even had to listen longer to hear her heart around her constant purring.

This is the same vet I took Bunny to and it was nice to see him under better circumstances. Bunny did well for 2 years under his care, but when you take over for a 16 year old cat, you kind of know that there is a limited time left and that bad news is inevitable, so this was nice.

So in non-kitten related news (perish the thought!) we went to the Monterey Aquarium last weekend for my birthday. I had planned to play with my new camera lens but it really needs brighter light and since we arrived later than we normally do. it was cloudy and there were TONS of people there. I didn’t feel like futzing around with my SLR, so I just played with my Hipstamatic stuff and was very happy.

The big tank at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

They redid part of the big tank (The Outer Banks-but I think they renamed it) and reopened it since July.

The ubiquitous jellies were there and, of course, it is completely impossible to take a bad jelly photo…

Jellies at the Monterey Bay Aquarium
Jellies at the Monterey Bay Aquarium
Jellies at the Monterey Bay Aquarium

I also went walking with mama on a new trail. This one by a reservoir in the middle of the bay area. I like…shall return.

Lake Chabot Marina

Saw geese, boaters, a vinyl LP lying on the side of the trail and mom got to pet a chocolate lab while we were there.

West Shore Trail at Lake Chabot

Then we went and had steak.
I pronounce it a good birthday weekend all around.
I was pondering what android 7″ tablet that I wanted, but since they STILL haven’t released many of them (all still in promise stage) and it being Mercury Retrograde until 8/26 (then the 2 week  shadow period when I get my arse kicked) I settled for a Keen backpack at the Nordstrom outlet and some SmartWool socks that Moon Pie likes to bite (while they are still on my feet.)


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