Meet the kittehs

Moon Pie
Moon Pie

She’s Tigger.
She’s rocket powered, she has many pressing engagements, so if you don’t mind, she’ll just be climbing the curtains over here to get to the top of… well, whatever there is to get to the top of… and she’ll pencil you in for some power snuggling later today, thanks ever so…

Her people will call your people.
Seriously, if Moon Pie Twittered, because that’s almost more than her attention span, it would be in all caps.
I met her for the first time when she was 4 weeks old, when kittens are just moving around a bit, and she was already hell on wheels. I joked that we’d be calling her Helen most of the time. But she’s very sweet and plays hard but isn’t a mean kitten (biting, scratching people… biting her sister, on the other hand, is fair game.)

Her coloring is one I haven’t seen before… well, I have, on 2 different cats. She’s got an orange cat coloring and what looks like a photoshop layer of a few spots of tortoiseshell calico. She also has the Glee "loser" L on her nose.

They’ve never really been apart and do love each other. Moon Pie holds Ottov2 down and grooms her… sometimes bites in the middle, but then goes back to grooming. Moon Pie doesn’t like to be alone much and will cry when she can’t locate her tribe… she also will cry if she has to go to bed and there is still stuff going on around her (Otto will get in bed then watch Moon Pie crying and fall asleep halfway through Moon Pie’s tantrum.)


…is a girl.
She’s named after my other cat Otto (sadly, no longer with us) and they are identical looking… hence I called her Otto automatically (or Ottomatically).

She’s less rocket powered than Moon Pie and will start purring the second you pick her up. She’s a love, just like her eponym. When she does feel like racing around, Moon Pie sits and watches in kitten wonder at Ottov2’s speed, then takes the baton and runs with it when Otto is done.

Otto isn’t as much of a daredevil as Moon Pie, which is fine with me, she’s not clumsy per se, but her landings and subsequent recoveries may prove to scare me to death one of these days.
She leapt out of my arms once and landed badly on the floor (wood floors) and squeaked. She was a bit disoriented for a bit, but was ok. I haven’t encouraged her to take any leaps, but then again, she seems content NOT to really leap anywhere either much to my relief.

I think I’m more worried about her since she has a bit of congestion and isn’t all that lucky in her acrobatics, but the vet can’t find anything specifically wrong with her, so I’ll just coddle her along until she’s strong enough (and a little more circumspect – you know, for a cat) to make some less kitten brain fueled decisions.


One thought on “Meet the kittehs

  1. Of course! Moon Pie. She’s a Calico, they seem to have an attitude, any way and from her pic. She looks like it too. Look at that face.

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