So the kitten prep (a.k.a. Normally I Just MOVE to Get My Apartment This Clean) has been going on for 3 weeks.
That’s the elapsed time, but given that I sometimes don’t get home til 8pm and still have regular life things to manage, the actual cleaning time is probably 3/4 of a week.
I separated things into categories:
1.OMG this will kill the kittens! tasks to fix (like cleaning products out available for licking or wires that should be bound up so as not to be gnawed)
2. This is precariously balanced and will fall and crush wee rowdy kittens!
3. Jeebus, how did this get this bad? (Oh yeah, I’ve lived here for 7 years and might as well get rid of this shite now.)
Targeted progress is being made. Also I have a giant kitten cage for them to beat each other up in while they are still young and not get into to much trouble while I am at work. Eventually (probably when they are big enough to get on and off of the really tall bed I have) I will let them start roaming the house on their own more. The cage will stay in place as their safe spot (like when a plumber arrives or we are moving and the door is constantly opening and closing).
I probably could have waited to clear out under the kitchen sink, but I got insane with it all of the sudden (at 1 a.m. SAT night) and decided the ride the wave of irritation to get it done.
I’d so very love to be a minimalist. I really would, but seriously, it ain’t gonna happen. So at best I can try for an elegant simplicity to cover a lot of bases. Method cleaners work pretty well for most of my needs and add that to the fact it isn’t bad for the kitties (well, they shouldn’t drink it obviously…but I’m not as worried by some residues like other cleaners.) So while I couldn’t shut my brain up over the state of the cabinet under my kitchen sink, I googled images about kitchen sink organizers.
You’d think there would be a lot wouldn’t you?
No. Not really.
One of them looked like it would be messier than just throwing it all in there willy-nilly and almost gave me hives thinking about how filthy they would get under there… and then more hives thinking about subsequently cleaning them with their myriad nooks and crannies (also didn’t look stable at all.) So I gave up.
Normally I get great ideas from googling images, but my luck ran out on this one. So I just went to Target and hoped for the best.
Luckily, the sink area is tall and deep and I found some rolling bins that stack on sale – best of all possible worlds there baby [Like these, but I think mine are bigger and have hot pink handles]. Weeded out, consolidated and cleaned the bejeezus out of my under sink area. (It needed it too, the corners will not be described here… not because this is a family blog (because it fucking ain’t) but because it nauseated me (though that isn’t hard to do.))
So very much tidier.
I told you this post was fascinating.
So I am very pleased with the very empty looking cabinet I am left with and the rolly organizers with a minimal amount of cleaners and scrubby brush pile that I get in bulk from Ikea. I also left about half of the cabinet empty for a potential reverse osmosis filter we are considering. The water in Oakland is getting gross and also the pipes in my apartment are probably 60+ years old. Who knows what kind of heavy metals are causing dain brammage in me.
In other news I might be losing some weight – not in a mysterious illness kind of way or even an I exercise regularly! kind of way – because neither of which are the case right now. I think it is the cleaning at night, not eating as much disgusting food and deciding to stand for at least half a day at work using a very complicated system of stacking some boxes on top of each other desk method. Probably also doesn’t hurt that I seem to be calmer than I was 6-8 months ago despite the fact that I am sort of freaking out about the kittens. Nice.
I’d still like to be able to hit the trail several times a week, but Tex is back on a TUE-SAT schedule for work and the kittens will need me home and focusing on them for several months, so I’ll settle for once in a while…(also may have to control myself, there is a PS3 Game called LocoRoco Cocoreccho! that I got that is adorable… We’ll see if I can set the controller down.)


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