Back from the black screen of death…

I do love me some internet.

My poor, long suffering netbook (an Acer Aspire One) suffered something that some crappy excuses for a support site called a motherboard failure. A totally black screen does not necessarily mean a motherboard failure.
It could be several things:

  • a bad display (Shine a light on it, can you see stuff? yes? its a bad monitor. Happened to a Sony VAIO I had-fixable…and one of the reasons I get the warranty on my laptops.)
  • Does the drive or fan turn on? Probably not the power, but that could be a few things. bad RAM might cause errors.

In my case, NOTHING showed up on the screen. no ghosting, no errors, nothing. So I googled it and found several places that mentioned that flashing the BIOS might do some good.
I had planned to extract the hard drive and put it into a dock we have for quick hard drive loading, but the video showing how to get the HD out (6 minutes long and edited for time) dissuaded me.

Tex found this video on the web and we followed the instructions and now I am writing this entry on my happy little netbook (that still needs to be reinstalled not because flashing the BIOS messed it up, but because it is over 3 years; to be fair,  I beat the living daylights out of my operating systems. C’est l’heure.)
I’m also VERY happy this is fixed. I did not want to have to choose (and pay for) my next netbook/portable.

One comment before you try this at home kiddies:
When you are holding the Fn and ESC keys down, hold them down until AFTER you get the power button to blink and until AFTER you see the computer reading from the flash drive.

Check out his other videos here:

Have more questions? Leave them in comments and I will answer what I can as well as amend the text if it is lacking.

Happy netbooking!


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