To Do List

Clear clutter from floors
We’ve got 2 kittens on the way (Moon Pie and Otto v2), so we need to kitten proof the apartment. Frankly, I’m feeling rather neurotic in regard to having the babies in the house. Part of it stems from Bunny being alone those few traumatic weeks last September. I’ll probably go overboard on the precautions, but I’d rather do that and be a bit of a psycho than have one, or both, of the babies get hurt. I can’t stay home with them, I can’t take them to work with me, I haven’t won the lotto, so over-the-top precautions it is.

FYI I’m also sort of panicky about them not being with me right now even though they are only 6 weeks old and we want to leave them with their mama until they are at least 10 weeks. But I can’t do much about that, so I am just letting it be. I’ll poke at those emotions every once in a while then get back to the business of freaking out over other things. Actually, it sort of concerns me about how freaky I am right now. Worrying over Bunny (and sometimes justifiably so) traumatized me severely. I can get through the day, so it isn’t debilitating, but it isn’t fun either. In these cases, I overcompensate with the calm to counteract it… and that has its own set of problems. But this way gets me through the day without having to medicate. I’m fun, aren’t I?

There really is not happy medium with me right now, so I’ll just move in a forward direction and deal with problems as they arise.

There might be chocolate involved.

I found out about the kittens when they were born in April, but I kept my mouth shut about them… I didn’t want to jinx it.

Moon Pie:
Moon Pie

Otto v2:
Otto v2

I’m not sure why this is all so fraught with anxiety for me, maybe its because I’m such a delicate little flower.

Get rid of a bunch of clothes (in prep for daily “uniform”)
My cousin has a “uniform”; all black all the time so that she doesn’t have to think. I like the “not thinking about it” bit, but I also know that I like orange! and red! and purple! and patterns!… well, I would get bored with black only all the time. So a bit of a compromise is in order. I do have a few things that are largely consistent in my wardrobe… black tshirts and white tshirts. I like them for layering, for summer shirts, for insulation but the Hanes undershirts eventually wear out or fade or get holes (or I spill crap on them). Women’s shirts just plain disintegrate after a few washes or look like a hot mess if you don’t friggin’ dry clean them.

I am not going to dry clean tshirts.
So I looked at a mock turtleneck that I bought in 2001 when I got laid off and went to work for Starbucks instead of being on unemployment (same income as unemployment, benefits at part time and free lattes.) They actually did have a uniform (much in line with what I wore in general anyway: khaki pants or shorts, black pants or shorts, black tshirts or white tshirts.) I figured that I’d be washing the bejeezus out of the shirts every day so I looked for something that would last for a while. Land’s End advertises they have shirts that they say will last and last and not get all bent out of shape.

They aren’t kidding either. (linky)

I’ve washed this mock turtleneck in with my other clothes, I don’t dry my shirts, mostly because I don’t own a dryer, but this one has been dried a few times at mama’s or when I travel to family and wash my clothes before I leave (makes me feel like a college student when I do that, but 1. I can take less stuff with me knowing I can wash stuff there and 2. Isn’t it nice to come home to a suitcase that isn’t filled with dirty laundry?) The shirt is now 10 years old and looks great.

Tex and I are kind of a sounding board for new purchases lately*, especially if they seem weird when you say them out loud. So when I said “I want to spend a hundred dollars on tshirts” that kinda got his attention. Here’s how I justified it:

1. I showed him the 10 year old shirt
2. I told him about the 25% off coupon and free shipping offer I had just gotten via email (score!)
3. I told him about the buy 3 get them at a discounted rate thingy on the site
His response? “That shirt is 10 years old? Dang.” So it seemed like a reasonable purchase.

So I’m cleaning out all the ratty tshirts in the closet, not buying new ones (though I will buy some long sleeve versions in black and white as well eventually) and possibly making a quilt out of the black tshirts I have in the pile. I’m also saving a few for wearing for dirty jobs, kitten wrangling, slouching around the house as sacrificial shirts. But I have 6 hangers in my closet for those shirts and to date, the hangers are rarely all used since I wear the shirts constantly. The newer shirts seem to be of the quality of the other one as well.

Am pleased.

My next step toward “uniform” is to find pattern shirts that travel well, provide a good bit of color and last. I have some Ex Officio shirts that I now have 4 colors and an old set of Columbia shirts in 3 colors; one seen here:

I dread the day these disintegrate. LOVE these shirts.

*He’s not the boss of me, I earn my money and pay my bills, but I’ve been kind of reexamining some of my purchasing habits and thought a second point of view would be good. I do the same for him… this is why he doesn’t have 400 ipods and 7,000 watches.

Business travel stuff organized
Its a possibility that I might be traveling a bit for work this upcoming year. Personal travel is relatively easy to pack for, but biz travel requires a tidiness that I don’t have to worry about normally. I don’t do the business wear while I am in the office, but I do business casual on the road. I can normally get away with the company fleece and a nice black shirt (L.E. shirts that I just got will work well for this) but in warmer climates I can’t fudge the outfit with a fleece.

I need to get several fitted shirts that don’t make me look like a potato, nor make me homicidal to wear them. Tougher than it sounds. Still working on that.
Also I want to get a suitcase and carryon together so that I can just pile the clothes in and go without having to spend weeks making lists or finding the right items.
When I am not traveling a lot, I don’t let my suitcases stay packed and things must be put away for multi-use purposes. With the possibility of biz travel, I’ll let myself do it.

Decide on 7″ Android tablet
It is quite possible that the right Android tablet will not be available for me in the next year.
The HTC Flyer looks amusing (though $500 is a bit steep right now) and the Amazon tablet isn’t even official (and might not meet my tastes.. I don’t want a ‘too customized’ flavor of Android running on it.)

I like the Galaxy Tab but the fact that I hesitate every time I consider buying it tells me something.

I’m betting I’ll wait til the end of the year though.


4 thoughts on “To Do List

  1. as per the tablet, remember that you have a b’day coming up, so cost may not be an issue, just let drop to the birthday fairy exact specifications ;) mly

  2. You’d be lots of fun on What Not To Wear. Yeah, Fredlet! You need it, except for the high heels that just goes to far. Love ya.

  3. Just a note: So happy you are getting kittens. We all need something fuzzy to kiss and cuddle with. I love, my cat, and went she goes, I won’t like it and will give myself time to recover from my loss, but I’ll get another kitty. I’ve learned that I can’t live without a cat in the house with me, so happy for you.

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