Sooper Cheap Mini Vacation

I was going a little stir crazy and needed to get out of the house. I also was not interested in spending any money, so I chose a few very free/cheap activities in a location we could drive to fairly easily. (We could have saved even more $ by just driving home that night, but the safety concerns of driving home after getting up early, hiking in the morning, running around in the heat all day and then going to a double feature at the drive-in was not worth it.) So I found a no frills motel room and packed a picnic basket and cheap food to offset the splurge.

So we hiked along the American River in Folsom:

Made the pilgrimage to REI in Folsom (its like collecting), looked at the lake, went to a double feature at the drive-in of Hop (cute but just ok) and Rango (loved it, twisted and bonus, Bill Nighy!)
Drive-in - Sacramento

We missed all the crowds that normally block up 80 coming home from Reno/Tahoe and didn’t get sunburned.


Next trip I think will be Mono Lake and looking at Yosemite.
Logistics are under way.


2 thoughts on “Sooper Cheap Mini Vacation

  1. only seen Mono from the air, always wanted to visit. If you haven’t seen Yosemite, it is a must! Sorry I didn’t take you there myself. Beautiful, lovely,… Have lunch at the Ahwanee Hotel. Remember seafood bisque? That’s where Bud got the recipe. mly

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