NEWSFLASH! Women are still considered livestock!

I have to admit I wonder about the administration we have right now in Washington. I know Obama didn’t promise anything, but he doesn’t seem to be doing much to protect half of his constituency.
I’m not a conspiracy theorist, despite that being my pat answer to most things that go on (or evil gnomes-which totally do exist BTW.) but it really seems like 90% of the old white dudes in Washington hate ALL women.
I know people widely believe that women’s equality was achieved, but I disagree.

If you are a woman and have ever gotten divorced (or married) you will understand this.
Change your name on your car title to you new last name and they will automatically remove your name and put your husband’s name on there. That was an unpleasant conversation I had with my bank.
“Hi, I understand that you don’t think of married women as anything but property, but MY car should have MY name on it. I changed my last name not my first.”
Yes, I am a bitch. Please note the old joke about a bitch being the female equivalent of an assertive man.

That was not the only instance. I had to have his permission to change my information in multiple instances whereas his changes were just pushed through. Given the fact that he did nothing for the 4 years we were married and I supported us while he sat on his ass watching tv or playing online games for 12 hours at a stretch (and then bemoaned that he couldn’t even take a phone job because “sitting hurts too much”) I find this repugnant.

Women are still property and don’t let anyone tell you differently.
Marriage not withstanding, look at all the stuff coming down the pike in the government and even businesses.
Women’s reproductive health is being attacked (Planned Parenthood), abortion is regularly denied as a reasonable option when the mother’s life is in danger (a bill offered by Representative Joe Pitts of Pennsylvania, has a provision that would allow hospitals receiving federal funds to refuse to terminate a pregnancy even when necessary to save a woman’s life, Georgia state Rep. Bobby Franklin wants to criminalize miscarriages as well), a shot to prevent pre-term birth has just been jacked up in price from something that even the poorest can afford without insurance to something my insurance provider would most likely deny me because 1 dose costs the equivalent of a used car.
Think about that. Not only do women disappear as entities when they get married, their role as incubator is now a roll of the dice. Don’t even get me started on the Catholic church.
Also, just a thought, are these people voting to cut funding to preventative services like breast exams and pap smears while donating to the Susan G Komen campaign to end breast cancer? Isn’t that a little hypocritical? Do the casualties now mean nothing because someday we might find a cure? Isn’t part of that cure early detection? The government is already pretty much a “reaction vs prevention” entity. If you look at FSAs then that is evident. Anything eligible for pretax benefits is something that is shown to treat a problem. Nothing preventative (except for co-pays for medical treatment assuming you have healthcare) is available. This prevention of bad things happening to babies and mothers is right in line with the government policy of letting the chips fall where they may.
Then there is the incessant vitriol again single mothers. Last time I checked, man bits were required to produce a baby. So where are those men? Why isn’t there a similar outrage about single fathers? There are lots of dads out there who could do it, but why aren’t they? (that is another discussion altogether and one I don’t feel qualified to touch.)
I never really wanted kids. I grew up with support, education, health care and a choice for birth prevention (and part of that was using Planned Parenthood for care when I got laid off and had no insurance because the ex got fired the week before I did and didn’t tell me….). I had it pretty good most of the time and I freely acknowledge this. I also knew that when I got married that the guy I married did want babies. 6 months into my marriage he started showing his colors and so I made it very clear that I was not going to have babies until he cleaned up his act. Moreover, I maneuvered myself and my situation to where I could take care of myself and any child I had without relying on him (because let’s face it, the odds of a man – especially that one – sticking around or pitching in to do what I consider is necessary to raise a child properly are low.) I’m not denigrating all men, but my experiences have not been stellar.
I’m self sufficient for a reason. I also have trust issues and won’t let myself rely on people much because I’d rather pleasantly surprised by something nice  than bitterly disappointed by others’ failures.

But imagine I was not who I am.
If I had a child and ended up a single mother, my job would most likely be different, my income would not be as high and I would spend the next 20 years relying on some sort of help to raise that child. Much of that help is under attack now. Moreover, if I suffered a miscarriage due to something (stress at lack of support, no medical care or bad medical care, job problems etc) I would be facing a murder charge by Bobby Fekkin’ Franklin.
Seems to me women are being set up for failure here.
And for people who claim to be religious and care so much about unborn babies, they certainly don’t seem to give a crap about fetal health, the mother’s health, the childrens’ lives after they are born or their futures. Its pretty much “the strongest and fittest will survive and prosper.”
Sounds like Darwinism to me.

So I’m rather glad I never had kids actually all things considered. Strictly a personal choice and I believe it is a CHOICE to have or not to have babies.
If we applied the same laws in spirit to things like erectile dysfunction or prostate cancer would things be as dire? Would Cialis or Viagra be $10,000 a pill? Would prostate exams be unavailable to most men because of cutting funds to public services?

Unfortunately, there can never be true equality. Women do different things than men. It’s biological and we need different things to keep us healthy; we have to make certain that women don’t keep getting downgraded to livestock used for pleasure, replenishing the stock and servitude.
The fact that we are still fighting for the right to determine what happens to our own bodies nauseates me.

Remember: The Handmaid’s Tale was a dystopian cautionary tale, not a user’s manual.


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