Planned Parenthood

See how your Representative voted on Amendment 85 – to end funding for Planned Parenthood

I quote mostly because these folks put it very well and I agree. Also, it helped me when I was laid off and my sack of crap ex-husband got fired and didn’t tell me-so we had absolutely no way to pay for even basic healthcare.

Did you hear?
The House voted to bar Planned Parenthood from federal funding. They cut funding for HIV tests, cancer screenings, birth control, and more, putting millions of women and families at risk. We can’t let it go unanswered. It’s time for you and me to stand with Planned Parenthood. Sign the open letter to the reps who voted for this bill — and to the senators who still have a chance to stop it.

Via Laura G.

Planned Parenthood is often the only chance young women – and many older ones — have to get any kind of care – birth control, yes. Abortions, if needed. But also cancer screenings, HIV tests, and unbiased, no-bullshit information about how to take care of themselves. It’s a step that can save us money down the road in care. And yet, it has been targeted not just for cuts, but for zero funding.

Via Eva R.

Setting aside birth control and abortion right (with a whole lot of difficulty). If we gut Planned Parenthood we gut HIV tests, cancer screenings and basic health care for millions of patients.
This is not okay.

Via Amy D.

Friends, this morning the U.S. House of Representatives voted to bar Planned Parenthood from all federal funding whatsoever. Planned Parenthood is about MUCH more reproductive health care. For many women AND men (yes, men go too!) and families it is the only health care available to them when one does not have health insurance. Certain members of Congress are making this an abortion issue and it is completely unfair.


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