A little light housekeeping.

Those of you on the RSS feed or mobile view probably will get less out of this post than others, but drop on by and see the latest.

I tidied up the sidebar. Put links to my latest photos on Flickr from my various janky cell phone pics which amuse me greatly (your mileage may vary),  the ever fun Alien travels set and links to my latest knitting projects (normally I keep those on Ravelry, but I’ll post some on Flickr from time to time as well).

The usual Flickr feed is still there to get you to my latest uploads (no filters, just all the latest content) and then links to recent posts as well as the Twitter feed.
Search, natch.

(Also, I have plans for the header, but I need to work on that for a while before it is ready. I might put stuff in the footer, too, but I might ruin my reputation as a lazy person if I do that…)

Have fun storming the castle, boys!


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