I re-read my “getting my nutrition ducks in a row” post and it certainly sounded cranky.
I suppose it is, to an extent in that I have yet to meet a doctor who doesn’t look at me (even when I am not so very fat like I am now) and automatically say “You are diabetic”.
I’m not.
And it’s a really bad idea to get me started on that weight chart.
Lance Armstrong and Arnold Schwarzenegger are both listed as obese on that stupid chart and any chart that lists two people who are a world class athlete and a former presidential fitness person is inherently flawed, I mean really, how can you win when people that in shape are listed as not even fat, but obese?. (But still, I’m not saying I don’t need to get my arse onto the trail more, though. That’s not the question. Though it should count for something that I can knock 4-5 miles out on the trail without much issue.)
But the automatic assumption that one size fits all/one diet fits all irks me and more often than not either it brands me as argumentative or a know it all when I am right about whatever half-assed diagnosis doesn’t work…or that something really doesn’t work for me when it might work perfectly well for someone else.

Less cranky stuff.

I gave the vitamins a try, but after 4 solid days of crap, I’m giving up the multi-vitamin. I even tried one without iron (thinking that might be beating me to a pulp) from Trader Joe’s and still no joy. Frankly, I felt much better NOT taking multi-vitamins, so we’ll go with that.
Instead I will try one of those breakfast-y drinks. Carnation has a low carb one so I don’t blow my sugar levels out of the water and it has a good chunk of vitamins in there (40%-50% of most of the ones listed on the multi-vitamins) so I’ll be getting some and possibly avoiding the daily nausea and headache I got from the pills. I don’t have a problem with dairy, but I thought I would try it with vanilla almond milk just for taste.
I’ll keep you posted.

I think I’m officially at saturation for walnuts. I’ll probably never eat another again. Maggie posted a reply to cranky post and said (along with effectively “Good luck! Yay!”) that she thinks raw almonds also work magic… I love almonds, so I’ll aim for those.

Also, was working late the other night, so I thought I’d catch dinner out for a change. So I went to Pasta Pomodoro and had a Caesar salad and Brussel sprouts. I FRIGGIN’ LOVE THEIR SPROUTS.
Brussel Sprouts
If you ever in my life told me I would love those I would have laughed like a hyena.
Sprouts normally smell like feet and have a nasty bitterness to them that I never could deal with. But once at lunch with Jennifer, I tried one of hers. (She’s pretty good at guessing what I like. She and I like vastly different foods in general, but we seem to grok each other’s taste buds.) and were light and crispy with the tiniest bitter undertone, but not enough to make me stop eating (I’m not a bitter taste fan.) and now I get them every time I go to Pasta Pomodoro. I did try them at Whole Foods buffet and they were quite possibly the most vile thing I’ve ever eaten. So I shall hereafter remain faithful to PP and their Brussel Sprout side dish.

(…and just so you know the breakfast drink with almond milk was vile.
I’ll keep experimenting.)

(Half and half works well though. I think we have a winner.)


4 thoughts on “Yeeehaw.

  1. What I have for breakfast: plop an egg in a cup, stir, add 1 wedge of laughing cow cheese, nuke it for 30 sec. put it between your favorite bread, or eat it without. yummmmmy!

  2. Are you diabetic? had a blood test? Just because someone is a little weighty doesn’t mean they are diabetic. Get some blood work done and find out, that sh** messes with your whole body.

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