I open my BIG MOUTH… criminy.

Remember this?
"The Galaxy Tab is pretty but locked into the various providers. Still no wi-fi only version… though I think I need the 3G/4G occasionally. Wifi is NOT ubiquitous, nor even common in lots of places I travel. I tend to live on my Centro at those times.
Of course, there is also the option of getting a wifi only tablet then changing my phone/plan to one with tethering. I quite like the Google phone and I hear decent things about T-Mobile. But I’ll probably use my Palm device until it explodes, whine a lot about that, mourn the end of an era for me, then get a new phone which I will proceed to love and squee over at length."

…it's what I said YESTERDAY…

This is what happened this evening (via Twitter):
– Interesting. AT&T just snail mailed me that my Centro will no longer work after May 15 and my rate plan is gone. Hello T-Mobile.
– I'm feeling very melancholy now about my Centro. Stupid AT&T.
– Right. Now I'll need android versions of my favorite apps (Hipstamatic, etc.) Suggestions for my soon to be Google 2 phone?
-The universe allows me strange luck; takes something away, gives me something to work in its stead (not Bunny tho) http://tinyurl.com/4jm354n

Oh little Centro. I wasn't ready to let you go.

AT&T… you freakin' suck.


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