New Year’s Day soup

1. On Xmas day roast a very large chicken.
2. Eat most of aforementioned chicken.
3. Put all meat from carcass and remaining juice from bird in fridge.
4. After work one day, go to Trader Joe’s on the way home and buy little carrots, new potatoes and mushrooms.
5. New Year’s day put veggies in oven in cast iron skillet with butter. Roast at 325F until fork tender, turning occasionally so the wee carrots do not get wizened.
6. Plunk all the veggies, chicken and juice leftover in pot with some butter. Add chicken stock and sea salt to desired soupiness/taste.
7. Devour.

Sent from Errol.


NOTE: Pretty much anything other than roasted ingredients are not going to match the original level of amazingness, so if you add poached chicken to extend the soup one more day it will be good but not outstanding.

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