Post n’at.

Well, haven’t the last few months been interesting.
…and I’ve spent October attempting to regain control, find all the crap I lost in the house and clean up stuff so that I am not sucker punched by memories every 5 minutes.
I’m tired.
I’m coping, but I’m still tired.
I just recently am able to knit a bit as well… I can do about 3 stitches then I have to rest or the arm decides to hurt for hours at a time (and the prescription for the good stuff is out-but I don’t want it anymore either. I get resistant to so many drugs so quickly that when I finally really do need them I don’t want them to be useless.)
Went to see Scapin (twice) that Bill Irwin did, went for several 5 mile walks, brunch with mama, avoided being home as much as possible and am working a lot.
This is all dreadfully boring, but I don’t seem to be doing much else aside than that but cooking with obscene amounts of cheese and garlic.
I’ll come back to the world someday.

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