I forgot that I got this slimy email

He wouldn’t pay you, you don’t get writing credit and this ignorant person sounds like he might know something.


Pass thanks.

Date: Friday, January 26, 2007
Subject: Seeking Great On-air Material!

Hi there,

The producers of “Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline” have a unique offer to PR professionals, publicists and manufacturers of consumer electronics, new technology and services. This is not pay-for-play. Your only expense is your time in creating a really good radio script for consideration.

You may want to submit such a script (up to 140 words) as one of our :60 Daily Features: “Into Tomorrow with Dave Graveline”, on The Advanced Radio Network.

Please visit this private URL for complete details and sample scripts: http://www.graveline.com/nav/features-PR.html

We look forward to receiving your **140 word** script — in the BODY of your Email to —-> features@graveline.com

Our deadlines occur every two weeks … so please don’t make them date specific, but feel free to submit NEW material as frequently as you’d like.

Our broadcast features are entertaining and informative. Make your script juicy, make it informative, make it fun! But please – keep the commercial content very low.

Dave Graveline will voice each script. So design your script so that it sounds like Dave knows all about the product and is telling the world about it.

Once submitted and accepted, you will receive an Email stating the date that your Feature will run on affiliates of the Advanced Radio Network, including XM and Sirius Satellite Radio, over 100 radio stations around the country and on the American Forces Networks around the world, as well as several online outlets.

Stay tuned …. “Into Tomorrow” !


The “Into Tomorrow” Daily Features Team Advanced Radio Network Miami, Florida 33015 http://www.graveline.com


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