Of late…

Not a lot of sleep for me. I've been drinking a full mug of my coffee every morning (most days, I make a 3/4 mug and don't drink it all.)
Bunny moves slowly (except when you want to set your foot somewhere, then she… scurries I guess is the best way to put it… right there and you pretty much fall over trying to avoid stepping on her) and deliberately around sniffing things. I've created a climbing area for her to get on the bed, though she pretty much refuses to use it to go down and I have heart failure every time she does her weird slither off the side and landing on all four feet.
We already removed the risers from the bed frame a month or so ago, if she can't get down, I'll just move the mattress and the support box spring on the ground  for a while. I don't mind that anyway, it will be like college again.
The other thing we're trying to figure out is how to get the food *in* her mouth. I'm not certain if she had an "episode" (some sort of stroke type thing) but where she used to eat her food like a wee great white shark, she ends up licking the side of the bowl or mouthing the bowl. (And not to make it all about me, but I kind of lose it when I think of her going through something like that when I am away from her). We'll know more when we get her to the vet and talk it out with him and then later when her test results back from the check up.
She wants to eat, but feeding her is kind of hard since she is so clumsy around it and then I start blubbering and it just takes a lot longer than it used to. Not to mention that she doesn't get much to eat when I am not home, so she's pretty wobbly and not good at the end of the day.

Oh and I have a birthday coming up.


One thought on “Of late…

  1. Try a large-ish syringe, with the needle off, and since her food is somewhat liquid already, put it in the side of her mouth. That helped Tuffy get nourishment efficiently. mly

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