(This entry will be craptacular as I am pecking it out on my iPod touch (Bunny wants me near her in bed and didn’t feel like setting up my netbook) and I tend not to read it too closely when I do that. So just pretend I’m drunk and all will be fine.)

So Bunny went through a dreadful few days this last week where her hindquarters just weren’t working. That is an ominous sign. Normally I can snap her out of any overt leg weakness with extra fluids, but this just wasn’t doing the trick this time. It was also pretty warm this last week so in addition to the pet heating pad (warmer than the adjustable human version and constant warmth) she was zonked out from the heat. When the fluids kicked in she was alert, good appetite; but not too stable.

Of course the vet didn’t have too many good things to say, and he was kind about it but it still killed me to acknowledge it. So I started looking around to see what I could change. I put the heating pad on a timer: during the warm parts of the day (and of course it cooled back down to 60 degree weather again in the meantime) it cycles off every half hour for 15 mins. Then at night it’s off every hours for 15. She’s back to fluids once a day and walking all over the place and on me occasionally. Wakes me up all hours for food and snuggles. I’m getting no sleep and am a zombie at 10 pm but I’m really freakin’ happy.

Lesson learned: Dont bake the cat.

This, of course, means I don’t have time to read (I’m saving all the latest books for when I need to be heavily distracted anyway) or knit (and am waiting for Jennifer to teach me the next bit after shaping the heel-but she’s crazy busy packing up to abandon me for the east coast so that’s a challenge) and most of the rest of time is mopping, cleaning and almost coma naps.

Wildly exciting, n’est-ce pas?

This weekend was an exception. Surfing the feel-good Bunny vibe, I slept, saw Toy Story 3 (Aliens FTW!) and a bit too much shopping (bought pants, a swimsuit top and some t- shirts to wear to work when it gets hot:currently still am wearing sweaters (I adore the bay area the weather spoils me silly))

Happy about Bunny and about to save my pennies for a Dell Streak if it is unlocked-I suppose I should stop going buy-buy. ;)


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