Tiny homes and yoga kitties

I think she took up yoga without telling me…

Bunny is way more stable (food, fluids, some habits) than she has been for the last several months. I think it really hinged on those bad teeth. Now, she eats enough, which settles her stomach and leads to other improvements as well. I still haven't weighed her yet, but her fur feels silky again and she doesn't feel like a tiny little bag of bones.
We also have an 18 hour standard dose fluids schedule (vs larger dose at 24 hours) since it isn't so uncomfortable for her and she gets just that little extra fluid she needs… the down side of all of this is sort of NOT a downside: she looks way too cute in the morning following me around and looking at me with that sweet little quizzical face of "Where are you going? Why? Why? Why?"
Kills me dead every damn day.

House cleaning (and cleaning out) is an ongoing thing with me. I buy, I sell, I return, I donate, I inherit, I trade all sorts of things. Lots of clothes in that process, so I am always on the look out for a system that I like (and one I can sustain) for keeping my clothes hoarding tendency to a minimum. To be fair, it really isn't hoarding per se, its more like a fetish for fabrics. If you ask me about a particular article of clothing, chances are I will talk about the feel of the fabric, then the color, then the travel-ability,  then the fit… if I even talk about the fit of the item at all.
Hence my normally schlumpy look that is filled with lovely materials.
Yesterday, quite possibly during a sugar high, my pea-brain decided that it had the answer to all my problems: Just pack for each kind of trip you go on and chuck the rest. Then (after the resultant crash) I thought about the logistics of dragging all my clothes out of their various cubbies and then the whole "work wardrobe" list and I suddenly felt very tired.
Perhaps I will put off this whole catharsis until I win the lotto and can go build my tiny home in the country. I'll keep you posted on my progress.
Speaking of tiny homes… a friend of mine, who is of a nature to make things happen (even more so that I do-and I'm no slouch, but I think I spend more time project planning mine and end up waiting a bit longer to go do than she does) started talking about building her own tiny home… in the Bay Area.
Now, there are several obstacles to that – mostly involving huge heaps of money to start –  so I was interested in seeing how she would approach it. I was disappointed to see that her initial foray into the tiny home dream was faced with the reality of the $120,000 it would take just to get permission to do the house and get the septic system put in.
Well, we'll see how she does, I don't want to influence her choices here since she tends to do what she wants to do anyway… No, I don't know anyone like that either.
I have put some thought into my own tiny house…
It probably won't be as tiny as Jay Shaeffer's; will probably be about 700 square feet (small to medium apartment size) with a potential actual tiny home to serve as a office/guest house thing.
If I can get away with NOT having a septic tank I will, incinerator toilet or tie-in to the county sewer might be options.
I will most like not even consider the Bay Area as a location for me… the costs she listed, not to mention future property taxes for an expensive area in a bankrupt state being big huge warning to stay away.
Not to mention I kind of want to avoid taking out a loan for any of this, so I got some more saving to do regardless.
Ah well. There's always the Lotto….


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