Much ado about food.

So, perhaps I am a bit melodramatic when it comes to anything Bunnycat related.
(A bit.)
But there is still a real basis in fact about what all is involved in keeping her balanced.
Enough fluids, but not too much. More if she's wobbly.
Is that a drop in red blood cells or just a bit of dehydration mimicking its effect?
Is that weakness in her hind legs or more dehydration?
She's NOT EATING OMG OMG OMG… oh wait, she just wants fresh.
YOU WHAT? Her food is different? She's going to starve and die!!!!! Oh, she likes this, too. What? I ordered the wrong food? Sorry, am a moron.

What? Her fluids haven't arrived? I put the refill in FIVE DAYS AGO. SHE WILL DEHYDRATE AND DIE WITHOUT THIS. Oh you do have it? What do you mean “Do I still want it?” Are you insane, I drove here to pick it up YES I WANT IT.

Balance, not so much.
Actually, when I am around Bunny I can keep my voice level and soothing. Petting her if she wants it. Catching her when she doesn't quite make the jump (she is kind of starting to show her age, but the last few months have been pretty rough). Coaxing her into eating just a little more food. Topping off her Ringer's when she looks droopy.
I'm also hanging in infinitely better than all of last year.
Jeebus. Waterworks all the damn time. I was tired of me.
This year, I just decided “Fuck it. She's just gonna live.” and she turned 19 this month. End of May will be 2 years of end-stage CRF.
All the test results are still stable, they backed off on her medicine, we dealt with the ear infection (finally) and her teeth don't seem to be falling out currently. (There have been some cat box incidents… in that she wasn't using the dang cat box, but I switched her to something she didn't have to lift legs to walk into and also got her food mix/volume stable so that is mostly resolved. Now I think she's out of habit of where she needs to go, so we'll get that sorted and I will be relieved… um sorry about the pun.)
Know what also is helpful? Having an empath around who can tell me what she is feeling. Handy that.

Anyway, so the last several months have been a bit hard. Of course, I never would have given up, but I was worried that she didn't want to keep going on with things if she wasn't enjoying being here. I'm very glad to say she's starting to be happy about things again.

What about me?
Well, I've been going to work and coming home. Doing lots of freelance projects and not getting a lot of sleep. A bit depressed over Bunny not being well and hoping I could stop the downward slide.
Tex and I went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium after not having had been there for a while. We stopped in at the crepe place for our traditional nosh before the aquarium and I managed to conduct the whole transaction in French with the guy behind the counter who may or may not have been French, but was definitely from a French speaking area.
Well, it amused me.
I'm listening to an audiobook during the commute to and from work; Shadow of the Silk Road (Unabridged) by Colin Thubron which makes me want to load up my backpack and go. I find that deserts and high mountaintops are the places that I end up dreaming about (Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan, Taklamakan, Sahara, Sahel, etc…). Empty, cold, barren and starkly beautiful… and fewer people. I'm not at one with the crowds.
We'll see where I end up once Bunny doesn't need me anymore. (There's no rush on my part, thanks. Don't get any ideas, cat.)
My sushi trauma is holding off… we are still going to the old place while they leave things as they should be. Also, went back to one of the very few in the area that haven't either closed or offended us and we think that we might be able to get by if the new owners of HoS lose their everlovin' minds and change stuff.
And as usual, I'll just keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep going. The wheel will turn and eventually things will ease.


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