Sometimes I forget she’s a cat, too.

Bunny hadn’t been doing too well last week.
She was wobbly, she fell over several times and just lay there looking like “Hey, how did I get here?” and it was freaking me out.
Yes, this is very cute until you realize that she doesn’t sleep like this and this was her falling when she stepped out of her bunny bed. I’m glad I keep her up there in the middle.

So I called my vet on Monday and told him all her symptoms (really wobbly, better after fluids, eating well, diarrhea, not talking or purring for a while) but I was wondering if she was finally needing the hormone shot because she’d dropped blood cell production. He said to increase fluids and that it was unlikely that she’d dropped so soon after the most recent tests (which were fine and a little improved at that.) and that being a bit dehydrated would produce a little spaciness and wobbliness.

She also has started sleeping a little canted over to the side, all I could find is that she might be lying that way to offset some pain. I’m wondering if the added heat on her shoulder feels good.
Anyone else seen this in their cat?

Fine, he talked me down from the ledge but the following night she was kind of staring into space and when I had to touch her to get her attention I decided to take her in anyway. She had lost weight despite eating like a little piggy, so we suspected hyperthyroid, but her numbers from the tests came back steady from the last set or within range of normal cat numbers… and curiously, her red blood cell count was slightly improved. Even the potassium test came back within range (he mentioned that the sleeping canted might be potassium imbalance).
She did have two horrid teeth (he found those when he was checking her gums for pinkness.) and also her ears were all cruddy again. So when they whisked her to the back to take blood they got those horrid teeth out (he said they came out easily without her making a peep… she squirmed, but she does that.) So we still don’t know all that is going on with her, but the vet and I are a little more reassured.
When I got her home, she went right over to her food bowl and started purring while she ate.
She talked a bit for the rest of the day, but she really hasn’t done either since (so I’m wondering if they numbed her mouth a little while they were back there) so I figure she’s probably a little sore and it will fade. (I’ll put the panic on hold for a week, then revisit the situation after there has been some healing time.)
Last night, she ate normally (not like the feeding frenzy of the past few weeks) and wasn’t running all over the house all night, so she was just normal cat tired this morning.
I tend now to blame everything on her poor little kidneys, so having a normal old Siamese cat issue* was a reminder to stop being so myopic.
Ah me.

I guess I just can’t see the forest for the kidneys.

*Before you start yelling at me for cat tooth care, Bunny lost most of her teeth before she was 5 and no, canned food wasn’t the culprit. She’s always eaten crunchies (she never liked canned food, in fact I was a little worried when she developed kidneys of doom and had to be on canned food that she would refuse it.Luckily, she likes it well enough.) But Siamese cats (and she’s a lot Siamese-blue eyes, color area (even if those colored areas are calico patchy), voice and personality) have notoriously bad teeth. Deck is stacked against them even with brushing.


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