BREAKING NEWS: “we at ercol are just about to start making the day bed again.” -ercol
(check out the comments…)


Found it!
I saw this picture ages ago, but it was in a blog feed somewhere organized by color and didn't really go into the details of the picture (either that, or more likely, I didn't pay attention to the details and attribution).

(Sunday lounging by Christianna's Earthly Delights)

Here's another view of it:

I've been looking and looking and looking for the daybed and finally landed back on this page…its an Ercol vintage daybed.

See also:

(Ercol daybed by skinnylaminx)


(Ercol Daybed by Kokor Hekkus)

I'd put white canvas or linen covers on it and then toss a bunch of down filled kilim pillows all over it.
Such as these from Ten Thousand Villages:

Craigslist here I come.

Read about more Ercol studio daybeds:


4 thoughts on “AHA!

  1. Have you seen our really whacky version of the studio couch? A one-off piece created by avant garde textile designers Puff&Flock for the Designersblock stand at this January’s Interiors furniture show at the NEC. Tentacles and all!

    Designers Block Interiors2010 02

  2. Yay! (and I love the monster! I saw that in my Flickr search last night) Any chance of a stateside sales place or partner? I live in the San Francisco area if you are looking around. I know that several of the design blogs’ owners who wrote about the day bed are based here.

  3. We’d love to get some American stockists. Any recommendations gratefully received. Our Plank table, one of our heritage pieces, is available from the Conran Shop in New York as part of their Well Considered range. Other than that we are always happy to supply directly to markets where we don’t have a retailer presence.

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