So… the iPad

It was a long time coming.
I know that die hard geeks will have wanted the Newton re-made, but that wasn't going to happen. (for the record, the Newton was cool.)
You can read all about the hardware, the software and other concrete aspects of the iPad from people who have already fondled it-I am not in the thick of the reporting community anymore so I haven't seen it myself despite my relative proximity to the mother ship in Cupertino. I watched the auto refresh live blog of the announcement at Engadget and Twittered my initial responses (seriously, I {heart} teh intarweb) but there's obviously, more to say.
I know people are disappointed; well, of course they are. They have built up this damn tablet to be the be all end all of the gadget world… no pressure, right? But as an intermediary step it works quite well in that market. Unfortunately it won't work for me as the travel gadget that I want. I'd have to put it in a protective case (which in itself isn't a huge problem) but then I would have to carry a larger purse than I normally do or it would have to go into my backpack which isn't conducive to quick removal, use, then being put back. The whole production would take too long and I'd most likely just leave it at home in the first place.)
To recap my wish list:

  • external fold up keyboard (like this or this)
  • large text editor [iWork covers this nicely]
  • camera
  • connection to internet
  • quick on/off (no hibernating and logging in; computer OS's don't cut it.)

Basically, you need to mimic my existing (and almost perfect) setup such as you see here:

I need to be able to have this in a pocket or available for quick access to take pictures, write Twitter snark, be able to sit down and write an entire article for an editor or write and edit an entry for my travel log. Currently I can do all that on my Palm Centro (and have been able to do that for almost 10 years now – quite a few of my Zatz articles were written on my Palm device du jour. The interface on my iPod touch is pretty but I abandon it in a hot second if I have to write more than 5 words. Also, it doesn't always travel with me; I choose a nano and my Centro as my media/web combo for most trips for a variety of reasons.

Onward to what I do like about it.

The iPad seems to be more of a muscular internet appliance. I can see some folks who are only casual internet users (people who like to actually be in proximity with other people at a bar or a restaurant, parties, etc.. you know, weirdos) who can use this for most of their needs. I envision some sleek, minimalist office or living room with no clutter, clean lines or mid-century modern stuff with this up on a pedestal acting as their tv, their email portal, a digital picture frame/slideshow, surfing the web, reading books that they don't have bookshelves for, etc.
Something like the minimalist office here (and I'm not denigrating these folks at all, I admire their conviction for absolute style adherence, but I am generally distracted by shiny things and am inherently kind of a raccoon, so realistically I'll always live in a room that looks like this:

full of baskets of yarn and Toy Story aliens and cat hair.)
Ahem. Yes…
… though I can also see it being a great 85% machine (you'd need something with iTunes and a DVD drive somewhere to do the other 15% of grunt work) in a trailer or a tiny home. Energy efficient, small, multi-tasker… all good things.
Its not meant to be your primary machine, but if it did just a little bit more I could spend most of my time on it. (Mama, you probably will really like it but will most likely find it a bit big… Bud will be able to see it and will probably steal it from you. Fair warning.)

After all is said and done, I'm still thinking this is what I will want:

The Freescale Smartbook

image copyright engadget2010 | Read the article


Also, McGraw Hill:WTF?
How did that yutz of a CEO get away with scooping Jobs on national telly the night before? Knowing Apple's hard line stance on
'"WE DO NOT COMMENT ON UNANNOUNCED PRODUCTS" I can't imagine that McGraw-Hill isn't on their shit list now… at the very least, they probably broke NDA by talking about it. Stupid.
On the other hand, if this was a planned leak by the Apple PR department, they've lost all my respect and I call bullshit.

Their follow up comments seem like damage control… but perhaps he is just that stupid.

2 thoughts on “So… the iPad

  1. Yup, will now not buy the Sony eBook but will only do the free upgrade. If it is on sale at the LG Apple store in Feb when we are there. mly

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