Good news… and so shall it remain.

2+ days on the old food and no Pepcid for the Bunnycat. She's happy to be back on this food, she really likes it and so I think she might be happier with me, too. At least this morning she was acting like it.

I'll check the catbox to see the progress when I get home (and I promise not to upload any photos). Frankly, I think the real trick to having her do well on a particular kind of food and like the aforementioned victuals is to be running critically low on supplies of it as well as just having placed a massive order of a different variety of food.

Well, at least its consistent with the way my universe works ;)


3 thoughts on “Good news… and so shall it remain.

  1. I’m just a random person in the universe who is owned by a 16 y.o. cat with CRF. I enjoy reading your Bunny updates, and wish the two of you all the luck and health in the universe.

  2. Yes. I found your blog when I was learning everything I could about CRF – it was a really bad spell after a crash and vets telling me to “think about” pts – and you and Bunny really helped me get through it. My girl’s been relatively stable now since July and it’s so worth it. :)

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