2010 Resolutions… hmmm.

I seriously suck at resolutions.
Not that I can't get things done, but the "starting on Jan 1" thing gets me. I can sit down any old day, make a list of stuff and get going on the tasks (one thing I learned as a project manager is "there's no time like the present") where some people would just consider making the list enough for the time being.

But in the spirit of things, here is my current to-do list (some ongoing, some scheduled for a later date and some starting today) – also included in this list is some justification (or rationalization if you are feeling holier than thou):

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1. Keep Bunnycat feeling good and happy for as long as it is possible. [ongoing]
19 months and counting.
She has good days and bad days, but the good days still far outweigh the bad. She eats, poops, stomps on my head in my sleep and generally is the high point of my day… every day.
So shall it remain…
Also, I try to keep things in perspective… when I catch myself doing all the Bunnycat maintenance work and losing sight of enjoying her being here, I stop and then sit down and make time to focus on her. I don't want the last part of her life to be all about sub-q fluids or doses of medicine…  I want it to be recognizing that she is comfy and warm, ear noogies and her knowing that she is the absolute center of my universe.

2. get out of debt [ongoing]
This is crucial to my "build my tiny home" plan…(see #9 ) as well as the traveling that I want to do.
I pound the debt hard, but I am not forgetting to live in the meantime.
It will happen.

3. More financial things [ongoing]
No specifics here, sorry. I have some ideas around mostly savings and tiny bit of investing, but a little bit to diversify… I still hate the stock market with a white hot passion and all those delusional assholes who helped to create the past 2 years of hell.
But this "living on the interest" idea will require a lot of moola… so I'll be investing $52 in the lotto this year. Hopefully one of those tickets will pay off nicely ;)

5. Back on the protein wagon, also the walking thing.
Lots of roadblocks last year regarding exercise, but I have rearranged some things (literally and figuratively) to help get back on the walking kick. Also, must get back in shape for the traveling I plan to do (see #6 ) when Bunnycat doesn't need me anymore.

6. Travel plans together and prepped for:

  • Cotswolds Way
  • Bhutan
  • Virginia section of the AT

These won't happen for a while, and I don't begrudge the Bunnycat for needing me in any way, shape or form, but I can get the pesky planning details in place with my darling cat near me now.
I like the organizing part as well as the actual traveling part.

7. Clear out more stuff.
I say this every year, and I do clear out stuff… but I tend to bring in stuff as well.
Some of it useful, some of it insanity driven. (To be fair, I am getting better at returning some of the stuff that is insanity driven) also am purging some stuff I have held onto for many, many years.
I will never be able to do the minimalist thing, but I can at least try to keep the stuff that matters and not live in an overstuffed house.
(Oooh…and now I have an idea about organizing those activities that require some tools, but that I don't want to have out all the time… create custom work areas in old suitcases (and filing cabinets are soooo 2009..) so that I can stack them and not see all the crap but still have a nifty stack of old suitcases which I dig anyway. Donations are welcome.)

8. Recover my Project Manager Brain.
It got lost somewhere in the fray and is probably covered in dust buffaloes right now.
Pretty much the trauma of Bunny's  diagnosis, the half-assed coping I did for the eventual gaping maw of gone-ness of her after her kidneys decide enough is enough and the amount of stuff I have on a daily basis to do, I gave up trying to be organized, reading and most social activities. I can still tie my own shoes, but that is a dodgy thing most days as well.
Its time to be able to remember shit now instead of losing important things in the chaos.
Brain and self discipline: consider yourselves on notice.

9. Build my tiny home [ongoing]
I'll need some land, to be out of debt, to have an income (see also #3) that isn't contingent on me being in one location 5 of 7 days a week, plans that I like for the house, mostly off the grid capability and…well, I need to learn how to build it myself.
This is a multi-year task as you can well imagine…. but sometimes it keeps me going.

10. Knitting things [ongoing]

Oh, I'm sure there are lots more things on my to do list, but these are the major things right now.
Good enough.

…and now I am off to rearrange my closet some and purge some shoes from my banking days.
(seriously, fuck bank dress codes.)


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