A fine mess.

These last few weeks have been a giant mess.
Bunny is still doing well, but everything else is kinda getting to that point where I just watch it pile up and burst into flames.
Seriously, I excel at a lot of things; one of those things I excel at is fucking up.

I need to crawl off into a hole and not come out for several weeks… or months.
But I can't do that, can I?
I never could just drop it all and run away-that inner drill sergeant kicks in and tells me not to be such a pansy and quit whining … so I'll post my turkey day recap eventually (yes, it was a mess as well, but a mostly tasty mess and no one got botulism, which is something I suppose) then I might have to be quiet for a while.
My  whining grates on my nerves after about 20 minutes, and I've usually irritated the shit out of everyone about 13 minutes previously.