Ze Giant (somewhat thin) Recap

Been just a tad busy lately.
Went to visit one grandmother last month and did a whirlwind tour of a goodly amount of Texas crap food that I adore (Whataburger, Taco Cabana, Pappadeaux (Pappadeaux  is not crap, but it was in an airport – a bonus food thing as I didn't have time to hit the good food places.))
My grandmother's definitely feeling better, she had some sort of crud in her lungs that was bringing her down, man. But she seemed perky enough for the weekend. I fixed her DVD player and told her to call me when her smart-ass sons didn't explain things well enough (and her smart-ass granddaughter would give it a go.)Then close on the heel's of that whirlwind trip was the cube decorating contest at work I did my cube up as an In-N-Out Burger joint (won 1st prize-putting my art degree to good use.)

In N Out Cube

The cube almost didn't happen since the the Bay Bridge decided it wanted to drop pieces of itself  on top of cars and they closed it down… which meant that all the thousands and thousands of people who normally go over that bridge had to overflow elsewhere… my bridge as well as public transport (if they had that option.) I left at 6:30 each morning  to get to work on time.. and then I left work later to avoid the traffic going home. Made for some long days and I'm lucky I managed to get the materials I needed to do this from Target (red wrapping paper, a red dish towel) and stuff I already had (an old poster frame and cardstock for letters in my printer). But it all came together in a few hours while I was doing a release to the web site anyway.
..and then I slept.
When I woke up it was just about time to visit my other grandmother, but his time we all met up in Vegas.

Meme and Lily

Lovely weekend; we spent the gross national income on shows (the Cirque du Soleil was freakin' awesome – I was all psyched to drop another $150 on another version right then (and you know what a money grubbing fiend I am.) but I got vetoed for Bette Midler. She was good too, but she isn't as flexible as they are… but then again they don't dress up as mermaids and move around the stage in motorized wheelchairs. So there you have it.
We also did our standard practice when I meet up with mom and my cousin of effectively dumping out the contents of the suitcases and rearranging all belongings between the three of us. They ended up with some purses, some stuff I set aside for them anyway and ebooks. I got a rockin' set of skull jammies and a new pouch purse. Excellent haul.
I gambled $2 of my dollars and a atypically increased some that my grandmother had won; Vegas math: $25 in on a nickel video poker game + royal flush=$60 total -me gambling more=$40. Then I stopped.
..and then I needed sleep but I haven't had any since.

Mama shootin' craps (her war cry was "Little Red needs a new coat of paint!"
(Little Red Riding Hood is her little red Grumman Traveler )

Prepping for turkey day now… I might remember to food blog it but don't hold your breath.


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