Daily Bun

Bunny's numbers came back…and improvement on most things… though when she eats now, she gets pretty sluggish.
I though it was the anemia, but I don't know now. The vet just lowered her Aluminum Hydroxide dose (and gave me a script that only cost $13 rather than the $90 I was paying for an equivalent refill. Every little bit helps.)
Anyhoo, I'm still miffed at my vet for letting too many other things get in between him and his focus on Bunny, but I haven't totally decided to switch vets yet. We'll see how pissy I have to get to get his attention.
(Picture Dirty Harry in the role of Aurora in "Terms of Endearment" and you'll get an idea of how I will go after any neglect of the Bunnycat.)
Still, it was a tough weekend and Bun is definitely feeling less perky than she was a few weeks ago.
We're both tired.


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