More than you’ll ever want to know about canned cat food


(and for those of you who don't get that, you are not of my generation apparently.)

Monday we took Bun to the vet and it was NOT a fun thing.
She doesn't love going anyway, but recently, the vet's office merged with another office and the new facility's waiting room is loud and busy and scared Bun half out of her mind. She peed on her towel (which she never does) and was shaking. I took her over to a corner, out of her carrier and zipped her up against me in my jacket with a towel around us and talked to her. She calmed slightly, but we will never do that again. I'll tag team with Tex and sit out in the car with her til they call us but I will not subject her to that level of stress anymore.
(Oh, here's that bit about cat food…) I switched her over to the canned renal diet food the other day (as we do each Monday-Tex is home and he can usually feed her in little increments all day so she'll eat most of a can, but will generally lose interest in it by the end of the day. But, mission accomplished, as it apparently helps with her acid levels without resorting to more medicines.) and she scarfed it up so quickly that I gave her another can-which she also proceeded to demolish. We haven't given her much  pouch version of the renal diet since then. Frankly feeding her pouch wasn't working too well anyway, she would lick all the juice off of it and ignore the (insert name of non protein substance) squares and leave a good amount of food in the dish everyday. Even squishing it all together with a fork wasn't working.  I know she lost weight when she stopped eating all the pouch since the highly scientific luggage scale said she was down a bit.
However, since I switched her to the can exclusively, she's probably gained back a half pound in about a week… which put her only 2 ounces less than her official weight 6 months ago. So even when the vet commented on her 2 ounce loss, I wasn't all that upset since she's looking lovely and porky lately and I know she's still snarfing down those cans.
They took blood for tests as they have done before, but, she was pretty loopy when she got home exhibiting classic anemia symptoms and she didn't talk to me… just said regular cat meows. I don't know if they took more blood or if her anemia has progressed (or even if the high stress in combination with all of this was the problem) but she wasn't very herself until this morning when she talked to me and purred when I kissed her goodbye leaving for work.
I feel much better now… not out of the woods, but when she behaves like herself, I can take a lot more with equanimity.
If she doesn't feel good, all bets are off and I am a wreck.

On the knitting front (and admittedly it is a very small front) I have been knitting at odd times (occasionally at lunch, at sushi) but not around Bunny… I can knit about 5 or 10 minutes before she gets cranky about it. So the sock is about 1.5 inches into the ribbing and going very slowly. Mama will be over this weekend for a little bit, so I will take advantage of Bunny avoiding the crowd (anyone that isn't me or Tex constitutes a crowd in her mind.. and also most likely we will be sitting out on the porch while Bunny stays inside) and will knit.
I'd really like to finish a sock before the next century.
(I'm such an overachiever.)

Other than that, my brain is in weekend mode already and I react with horror at the fact that it is only Wednesday… and probably horrifying everyone with yet another rambly, incoherent blog entry talking about cat food.
Wow… 13 years of journaling/blogging this tripe ;) I don't think they had this in mind when they invented teh intarweb.


One thought on “More than you’ll ever want to know about canned cat food

  1. but it makes your mother happy, so keep it up. I’m sure the stress of noise/travel/blood-drawing did a number on her and she zoned out for a bit. Recall Tuffy did that, too. Helps ’em cope with all the overload.

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