Posting from the Centro

(using Agendus) I still have some quirkiness to work out, but I think I have my Centro set up for all the stuff I normally do on my phone… and if I have to be away from a computer for any amount of time, then this + my Palm keyboard serves me pretty well. (and also I have to tilt the phone a wee bit to point the IR beam-y thing at the port that is on the side rather than the top like it was with my Treos, so if my neck has a crick in it or my head lolls to the side, you’ll know I am just compensating for the angle while I type rather than me being a drunk).
I was also pretty pleased to note that one of my old old OLD apps (10+ years old) still works. Hooray! As there is no replacement app for it currently.
This next problem has a pro and con attached to it; the Centro pictures are nice and large. Consequently, they look good, however, they aren’t really emailable at the large size (network connection times out) nor can I MMS them. So spontaneous Flickr/blog postings are out of the question unless I want to dial the resolution down to 640×480 all the time…which I kinda don’t and there isn’t normally time to switch settings (they put the resolution in the Prefs app rather than on the interface on this version of the Palm OS, so that is out.) Any ideas from the peanut gallery?
Ah well. I’ll explore deferred posting (though I suspect I won’t like that) by using the HotSync feature to send the emails in the outbox when I get back to a computer (also, note to self:look for a portable apps Palm sync solution) or just send text only and no travel pics from the phone.
We’ll see.


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