Birthday Weekend Redux

(a bit late…whatever)
A good weekend overall. I took Friday off from work  and mom and I had planned to go see Zoe Keating at SFO, however when I mentioned that to Tex he looked at me funny.
"What?" I asked.
"You're going to that?" he asked incredulously.
(Its never a good idea if he has heard anything about a music gig…it means that the advertising has saturated the market and has penetrated the waterproof seal and is now in the sheetrock)
"Well, I guess I won't."
I hate crowds and I really didn't want to fight a bridge, fight parking at SFO and then also fight 500 rabid people, a film crew and the odd traveler in a confined space.
Ah well.
So we just did part of the Hayward Trail. I hadn't done a long stretch of walking for a while, but this trail is windy, but flat. So I figured we could turn around at any time. I started feeling it in those nameless connectors to my quads like I normally but it never really hurt too badly.
Mostly, though I was just  hungry… I only had coffee that morning and it was getting on to 3pm.
Mom wanted to take me out to dinner that night, but I hadn't wanted to fight crowds so I planned to stick a bunch of things in the oven (its low maintenance and has a pretty good result) but my oven decided it didn't want to heat up.
OK, so we went out anyway… steak for dinner then home to bed.
Still haven't decided how I feel about it. (Ask again in 10 years and I'll probably like it just fine.)


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