J’avais mal a la tete et aussi, je vais tricoter un pull.

(Translation:I had a headache and also, I am going to knit a sweater)

Thursday was shaded by a brutal headache. It wasn't a migraine, I haven't had one of those in quite a while (thank goddess) it felt more like sinus… you know, where that boa constrictor wraps around your neck, slithers up the back of your head (constricting all the while) and then peeks over to try to suck the eyeballs out of your head.  Yeah, I thought you'd be familiar with that.
So, I worked my way home through Oakland traffic, fed Bunny, ate 7 M&M's (no medicinal purpose, just yum) and 4 Tylenol then stayed in bed until it was time to feed Bunny again and do Bunny chores, then went to sleep dreaming about packing.
Woke up (by Bunny, natch…) at 5am feeling INFINITELY better this morning … and saw a Tweet by @languid saying "RAWR friday. bring it."

Today I was feeling kinda French (last night as a was falling asleep again I caught myself translating an imaginary conversation into French discussing a sweater that I am in the process of making (assuming I will get it done) from swatches that I will be sewing/piecing together.) and trying to remember if I actually know some of the words for the concepts that I am getting across. Tricoter=to knit, but I don't know the actual words for the accoutrements of knitting, needles, swatches, what have you. Looks like its time to bust out the dictionary and put it into my overburdened bag for reference…. though I think I have a translator module for my Treo (note to self: where the hell is it?) For all you yarnatics I'll be using Caron Country in charcoal, black, spice house and claret…my colors effectively. )…
Umm…so anyway, I was feeling French so today I wore a blue scarf from Tarzhay jauntily draped around my neck over a white hoodie sweater and jeans.
I really miss Paris, but I don't know if I'd want to live there forever like I used to… I think a 3-6 month stint might be good, though.
Mmmm… baguettes, pain au chocolat, sandwich du jambon avec beurre, crepes aves Nutella, peches blanches, tomates vinaigretes, poulet roti, cafe creme, brie from street markets..
OMG. Paris is one big foodgasm.

Bunny news: She is holding steady, talking, purring, walking all over me, etc.
I haven't weighed her lately, but she isn't feeling as bony as she was a bit ago. She's still eating well, not starving, so she doesn't run around in anticipation of the food anymore (but I can't figure out if she just knows she's going to be fed a lot and often and she's calmer, or just more tired due to a few less red blood cells.) but her appetite is still good and I don't have to resort to trickery to get her to eat.
Also, she is doing well with every other day doses of Pepcid… that's what the vet originally prescribed, but it was clear she needed more.  Seems having a little protein helps a bit in that regard even if it is contraindicated for the kidneys. Frankly, the protein (about a 1/2 can a week of Merrick Turducken) helps 3 things at once vs. being bad for 1 thing, so we'll do it now, when that one thing outweighs the three, we'll re-evaluate the situation.

Anyhoo, the birthday card arrivals have officially started.
I am disturbed that they have actual cards for 40. (though my mercenary little heart loves the checks that show up in those cards…right into the Roth IRA. Schweet.)
I did take the day off next Friday (Oh I seriously need a day off at this point) and mom is coming over to go walk the Hayward trail with me (at least 3 miles of it, the whole 7 miles if the weather isn't evil hot.) also, I'm HOPING that I get my arse in gear and get my house clean.

But don't hold your breath ;)


5 thoughts on “J’avais mal a la tete et aussi, je vais tricoter un pull.

  1. I am saving for a new car right now, but I want to get the 2009 Honda Fit (but I want it used) so if I can eke out another 1.5 years out of beast then so much the better. That being said, if beast needs more than a $100 every 8-9 month repair I will reassess. But for now, even with gas prices, I am getting decent mileage, he meets smog without any effort, I don’t spend much on maintenance and the taxers on it are super low. I’m pretty sure I can re-sell beast eventually since he’s an awesome car.

  2. …and Tylenol… I only took 4. Haven’t had any in weeks/months, and haven’t had any since. But unless I hit the headache hard, it would get worse and worse… and none of the migraine medicines do anything for me. :(

  3. Yes but,even though it was one time you took four at a time, just a couple of weeks ago on the news stated 1000mg is too much. As I understand it, there is not much leeway for overdose when it comes to taking too much Tylenol. It’s like damn if ya do, and damn if ya don’t, but liver damage is irreversible.

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