ghosts and hormones

yegods what a trippy day.
no overt ickiness, but I saw a ghost from the past and all that evil came rushing back into my psyche.
this person was perhaps the most nasty, mean and vicious person I have ever met (no it isn’t my ex). if they drop off the face of the earth and I never hear word or tell of them ever again my life will have improved hundredfold.
i don’t know how people can ever be that cruel to another person (not just me, either.) with the specific intent for causing emotional pain and enjoying it.
its like they never made it out of junior high when cruelty was a sport.
so that colored the day as you might imagine.

in other news, apparently the area/building is having issues with mice and ants.
frankly, things in here have improved, but we have also sonically carpet bombed the house with those sonic repellers, put everything into snapware/mason jars (this makes me giddy! oh the joy! oh my OCD!) and kept things pretty dang clean.
we have been working on it for quite a while.
good to know it has made a difference.

anyhoo, tired.
and a bit out of it now.


2 thoughts on “ghosts and hormones

  1. actual sighting or just in your mind? at the apt or work? you and your grandmother are too vague! she uses all pronouns, and leaves me with more uncertainty than before I asked the question. although i’m sure a bunch of that is my fault.
    as for the drill before coffee, no coffee on the drive, before work??!? now that’s just wrong.

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