SCAM ALERT: Verified By Visa

Well that was a load of crap.
I tried to buy a new Centro, but I guess Palm is just determined to go out of business by making it as difficult as possible to purchase their products… and you know what? After 12 years of trying to support their efforts I'm inclined to let them.
So, Palm. GFY.

Also, Visa?
After their incessant harping on "SECURITY SECURITY SECURITY" they go and put a "Verified By Visa" in a frame and proceed to ask for part of my social security number to finish my transaction… if I didn't type it in I couldn't place the order. Also, the button said "Sign Up to complete your order"… Sign up for what?
No way.

Several things are wrong with this scenario:
1. is stupid enough to allow Visa to put an iframe in a secure checkout transaction
2. Visa asked for part of my SSN. No. Not ever.  CVV yes, but SSN no.
3. There was no opt out of whatever the fuck they were trying to screw me out of.
4. THere was no way to finish the transaction without doing this.

I don't know what Visa is up to on this but I can't think it is legal. Nor do I trust anyone stupid enough to put it blindly in their checkout process.

Palm lost me as a customer as did Visa.

I am not at all happy right now and quite frankly, I'm in the mood to raise a big stink and make them wish they never encountered me.
Trust me, I'm good at that.


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