T minus 28 days

I have several thing on a To Do list before I hit 40. Some of them were a little derailed (well, slowed down) while the stock market tanked. But others are still on track.
My retirement funds are less lovely than they were a year or two ago, but that is a common thing when the country insists on tying their retirements to a bunch of panicky stupid sheep (a.k.a Wall Street) instead of basing them in more reasonable items.
Ah well. Work the system how you can without messing with other folks and we'll come out of this ok.
Some things on my list are on hold for another year; I moved "Keep Bunny alive and happy" up to the top of the list… so far so good. She's doing pretty well, though I think I will take her into the vet a little sooner than originally planned (he said 6 months, I'll do 4.5) as I am nervous that I might miss something and when it comes down to it, she is the one paying the price for any mistakes I make.
Unacceptable, so off to the vet earlier than planned.
The birthday month (two actually, I milk it for the month before and the month after) is in swing. I did get myself a nifty bag…

It can be carried on your back as well as as a standard duffel.
Also, its very cute.
I'm also still searching for my next phone. My poor, beleaguered Treo 650 still does its day to day stuff and travels pretty well, but little things are starting to be flaky on it. I can't search without it restarting (and reinstalling everything didn't fix it). I still need the same functionality that I have had in the Treo for the last 5 years (and which the iPhone still can't replicate) nor will I accept anything with WinMobile on it.
I might just end up with an unlocked Centro and put off the search for another few years. Maybe Apple will extract their heads from the arses by then.
We also managed to finally move the couch into the sitting room. For some reason it feels like it is sitting differently. I probably need to replace the seat cushion or just bolster it up with some cheap-o ones in addition to it. Someday I will get the whole thing (and the ottoman) re-upholstered, but not now.
I need to attack my closet and just be brutal about the stuff that is sitting on the floor. Once the closet is done I think I can get the rest of the house settled in. I'm kind of living around the stuff all over the place that I can't quite put away in the closet as it it stuffed full of the detritus I moved in there to make room for the couch. Since then I have been a slug except for Bunny chores and work/design things. I'm still pooped. Maybe the energy will come back this weekend but since I am re-reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels that I read ages ago (Did you know TrueBlood is based on those? I didn’t. Huh. Well, I do like Stephen Moyer as Bill, but Anna Paquin as Sookie is a bit grating. Also, I have a new adoration for Eric.), I am not really in the mood. . I also need to organize the garage; its currently a big jumble, and put more in the garage sale pile than in the storage pile.
My friend Jennifer is going to teach me how to knit socks sometime soon. I do better with the "people showing me" method, but I'm kind of cringing about some of my bad knitting habits she'll see that  I developed as a workaround to my hands being weak from various things. Can't wait though… I have lots of sock ideas.


One thought on “T minus 28 days

  1. The new os is installed and I like at least part of the improvements. Cut&paste is ok,
    search is just a good start. But being able to read email in landscape is good. And my Treo did the same reboot to be able to do web stuff. mly

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