I'm really still here. I promise.

The party was great (no, of course, I didn't take any fekkin' photos); my apartment-not so much…still.
Tex's foot went out and in between taking care of him, doing normal Bunny maintenance (not inconsiderable even when she is coasting along well-as she is now) add to that the serious task of cleaning and cleaning out of the apartment and I got bogged down.
If I was still  a project manager (which my brain will always try to be) it would be akin to losing half my team on a large project and still trying to make an aggressive deadline… total and abject chaos. But I still managed to get quite a bit done even though it doesn't look like it at all.
The pics I posted earlier are still the most relevant as they are still the only oases of clean in the house.

Tex's foot is *still* kind of out, and I don't want to ruin the progress by making him help, so the house isn't done. The one bad thing about it all is that there is lots of clutter and the mouse in the house (driven out of the kitchen and the kitchen sub-floor that goes into the garages below) has moved into other parts of the house. Not fun.
I think this weekend is designated Costco to pick up another pack of those pest repellers that you plug into the wall *that actually work*… crazy.

Work is 900 miles per hour currently and I'm exhausted all the time now. I had no choice this week but to just sleep when I didn't have required chores to do. Its helping. I'll probably be able to get a few things done SAT (and on that list is to figure out what thing in Beast is causing the Check Engine light to be on…update:I replaced the Mass Air Meter and it turned off while I was driving to work this morning.)

Anyhoo, I think more change is necessary, however I don't know that I will be able to effect that change effectively or in a timely manner…and that you probably should buy stock in a yogurt company because its all I will be eating for a while.


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