A bit of distance…

was needed for me to talk rationally about last week.
On TUE after Memorial Day, beast’s thermometer decided to take a trip to H land and unless beast was moving (a.k.a. being air cooled) it had an alarming tendency to want to keep going back. I got through my commute ok (heater on high, windows all rolled down; luckily no steam emitted from the hood.)
Got home, called pet mechanic who said “Don’t drive it unless you want to buy a new engine” and other things such as “mumble mumble mumble head gasket mumble mumble” and other deeply alarming things. So, I left a message with the boss that I needed to either be a bit late into work or just arrange for the rental car and work at home.
Did so on WED, and thought, ok, weird week. hope it settles down.
Then THU morning, I staggered into the kitchen to get Bunny food (I am not a morning person you see) and I noticed something weird. It sounded like it was raining. It tends not to rain here in the summer.
I didn’t figure it out right away, but after a few seconds (about the same amount of time it took Martin Blank to figure out the explosive in the microwave was a bad thing) I realized the raining was coming from the ceiling IN MY KITCHEN and was getting water (filthy water run through a hundred year old building’s guts) all over the computer, monitor, keyboard, external drives and all the frightfully expensive stuff that doesn’t like to be dunked in the water.
Mad dash to move EVERYTHING while simultaneously turning it upside down/dry it carefully and not die by electrocution.
I let everything dry for 5 days while snarling politely at my landlord about what we later determined was a terminally stupid 3rd floor neighbor (no, I have not gone up there, I lack restraint at this point) who left the sink running while the drain was “slow”…apparently it isn’t the only slow thing in that apartment.
Long story short, I don’t know that the APC battery backup survived, but so far everything else has. I got a rolly cart for the components so they can live under the table that has a totally classy waterproof table cloth on it and also am puttting a REALLY long monitor cable on it so that it dips onto the floor and will keep water off of at least the computer end of the whole setup. The monitor might not be happy, but its a 5+ year old 15” monitor that only goes well in one place and I can have replaced… the other stuff not so much.

I got through last week repeating the mantra “Bunny is fine. Bunny is fine.”

Fixed beast (bad thermostat and gasket), returned rental car (didn’t spend as much as I thought I was going to have to spend) and am typing on the computer formerly known as wet.
Now I am sitting here, with a lower blood pressure level transcribing the horrid events of last week here vaguely avoiding doing the second to last weekend of “HouseFlop! The Musical…” eating steel cut oats from the crockpot and a mug of orange juice as I read that they might be a superfood combo [Food Combos More Nutritious Together than Separate].
Just got to clean out the living room and prep it for the big furniture move I have scheduled for tomorrow.
TTFN posterity.


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