Little Oases

While the living room is very scary:

I keep reminding myself (and Tex) that it is only transitional and that it will be better soon.
Also, the living room is kind of the catchall for everything, so there are little hamster trails to necessary bits of the house and some seating during this month-long slog to house floppityness.

There are little oases of finished places in the house. Some just can't be finished because there are dependencies (like my closet) but I did manage to get several places done.

The Bedside Table:

Those are my great-grandmother's suitcases (+1) and her train case all stacked up to a reasonable facsimile of level (little shims of those rubber feet helped to go that little extra bit) and it will be my bedside table when the bed moves in to the room. I found a charger station of basket material and a little lamp. Its almost exactly how it will be when I get my clock there.

The Window Wall in the (soon to be) Living Room

I don't know what I will be doing with the computer yet, but everything here (mostly media storage) is pretty much in place. Its lovely and tidy and it makes me happy to look at it now (as long as I put the blinders on and don't look around.)
Tex finally looked at this setup with something other than a gimlet eye and said "Yeah, I can see how this will be better", so he's on board and that might make it easier to finish.

My office:

It isn't totally done, but I can sit in there and use most everything…. I still can't get a good picture as I can't open the french doors all the way. I will get a good one eventually when its done. (Probably 10 minutes before the party starts…a.k.a. The cleanest my house ever gets.)

Next weekend (or this week and SAT) might be just organizing and clearing out landing spots for the couch and the bed… so I might have the big move on the following week as originally planned.
But you never know just how motivated I actually will become between now and then to dispense with the dependencies.


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