Saturday mornings…

are starting to be a non-entity.
I have the most marvelous intentions of getting up and puttering around a quiet kitchen with coffee and some cute little breakfast nosh, however, after being woken up by Bunny’s latest (successful) technique of pawing at my nose while standing on my chest so that I can have the great honor of feeding her smelly food at 4 AM, I go back to sleep and then don’t get up until 11.
Ah well.
Actually, I’m perfectly happy that she wants food. So shall it remain.
She’s pretty perky lately. eating well, hydrated, *ahem* regular and all that stuff you worry about in an ancient (but not acting ancient at all; I’ve seen that, and Bunny ain’t) severely kidney compromised cat.
Thank you universe. I seriously appreciate every single extra minute she’s still running around happy to be here (that’s the key, she still wants to be here).
OK, that’s out of the way.
I think I got all the Hamthrax out of my system. I survived a full week at work (a gruesome and barbaric practice that) though my stomach acid is in overdrive for some reason. I think I might have to follow Bunny’s Pepcid schedule. Like mother like daughter; she and I are frightfully efficient acid producers.
Through various Twitter posts I found david lebovitz’ blog where he has heart failure over, effectively, the gallic shrug (non exact measurements for a tart shell) in the kitchen. Actually, this kind of cooking is right up my alley and I’m sure that most chefs would have heart failure of my cooking methods. But, as people seem to like the products, I’m reinforcing my bad habits and continuing on…

“But she started by saying, “You take butter. And you take water. You put them in a bowl. Then you put it in the oven for 20 minutes and let everything boil until…” which, of course, stopped me mid-swallow of my Côte du Rhone. I almost started choking.
“Surely, you jest!” I wanted to cry out in disbelief.
Except I couldn’t, because I don’t know how to say that in French.
So I just sat there with my mouth agape, which is a pretty uncharacteristic position for me to find myself in.”

This is really pretty:

Looks like the perfect recipient of a lemon meringue filling… and as soon as the baby Meyer lemon tree starts to kick out fruit, then it shall have one.
Pfft… speaking of… my poor rosemary plant died a painful death as did my Benjamin Ficus… I can’t live without a rosemary plant for some reason (not that I like the flavor, but the smell is a good thing) I decided to redo the disastrous front porch of mine and got a new baby rosemary and the aforementioned dwarf lemon tree.
Looks better already.
I’ve still got a lot to do, but I was stricken with Hamthrax after I got started. I might be able to get it done this weekend. I’ve decided I have the gumption to do a lot this weekend. Last night, in fact, I cleared out a lot of crap from the built in side of the kitchen; looks a million times better. I’ve also decided to continue on with the swapping of the living room and bedroom. If nothing else, it will be a pre-clean out of the house before I find the mystical apartment that doesn’t cost a billion dollars a month, is close to work and has parking…and it will show up when I get this place exactly as I want it. You know how that works.
I’m also taking the Monday before Memorial Day off so that will give Tex and me 2 short weeks to hang out. (I’ll be doing swapping chores both weekends-this weekend kicks it all off with the emptying of the living room closet-moving the Metro shelves down to the garage and moving my office in there. Yes, yes, pictures will be posted.) And we’ll be half-way through Mercury Retrograde by then-sort of a mid retrograde breather. I still have to get trough the peri-retrograde stuff, but that’s just me, not other folks.
Spring is definitely in the air. I even have started the process of luring someone over to lounge on my veranda (I’m fancy, I have a veranda) and eating my divine rotisserie chicken (though technically its Tex’s divine chicken since I refuse to touch the actual chicken) sometime in the nebulous future. Maybe the house will be done by then…
Cross your fingers and watch for the photostream.
Bunny says hi:”dsffffffffffffbggf[-opppppp-=====================”

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