Much ado about much stuff

Ever notice how 99% of all shower curtains out there are 100% fugly?
My devil duckies shower curtain is rife with the Gorilla tape mending and is also fading a bit. (5 years for a vinyl curtain isn't a bad run actually.)
So after a fruitless search online, I started looking into having a giant vinyl banner of one of my pieces of computer art printed; but I wasn't totally ready to commit to that since it probably would have been over $100 to do that.
Then, I was sitting with Bunny in bed convincing her to eat more (with The Bun, eating is a spectator sport) and  stared at my favorite painting on the wall "The Sleeping Gypsy"

and I thought to myself, his robe has every single color I love…wouldn't it be great if I could just find a curtain that was just like his robe?
Well, I did.
Actually, I was at Bed Bath and Beyond looking around (because they were actually open on Easter) and found a marvelous quilt
that I started drooling over that looked like the Sleeping Gypy… then I took a turn around the shower curtains and found the corresponding one to the quilt.

…and while I am very happy about it, I'm done talking about it. ;)

Sandra Cantu:
So, another hideous, horrifying thing has happened in the world, the kidnap, rape and murder of a young girl. This happens a lot, I'm sorry to say.
And while I am disgusted by this whole thing, as are many people, some things get stuck in my craw about this whole lynch mob-sensationalist journalism (and I do use journalism in a VERY loose context, the reporting here is for shit) and the general leaping to conclusions based on facts that we KNOW are incomplete.

And then I see inane comments from people along the lines of "I'm so glad that monster was caught! We should fry her!" All this based on some poorly written article with not even a full paragraph's worth of data in it. And, let's be realistic, you know the police aren't sharing all their findings with us. (Not that I expect them to… but still, people are talking out of their asses here…and not even interesting conspiracy theories either!)
But what if she isn't the real killer and that person is still out there? What happened to "innocent until proven guilty"?
This isn't done people. Hold on to your inanities.

Somali pirates:
Its time for Howitzers on our ships.
I'm just sayin'

In other news I'm back to my PM task of opening a big ol' can of whoopass on a vendor and their developers who think that they never have written code with bugs in it.

I'll discuss my apartment moving despair later. I'm still wallowing in it now.


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