Sad and Pathetic

Of course I am rage filled, indignant, disgusted, horrified and all sorts of other pessimistic verbs about Lovelle Mixon and his family.

There will be people who say it better than me, more compassionate than me, more rational than me or everyone will just avoid this flammable issue and talk about housewares or knitting and come across as the nice people they actually are… I’ll spare you my rant. (I’d probably just come off as a bigot and a bitch… I’m not, I’m pretty harsh on everyone, no matter what race, color or creed, I am kind of a bitch though because I tend to not let people get away with the shit they try to pull.)
We’re pretty much all whiny babies when it comes down to it.

But… the thing that strikes me as the hugest problem in Lovelle Mixon’s life is his family.
They defend him as “not a monster” or as “failed by the system” or (and this one offends me to my core) “He needs sympathy too. If he’s a criminal, everybody’s a criminal.”…(I’m ashamed to share the species with these people.)
The fact that these deeply stupid people BELIEVE that he is a good person. That nothing was his fault. That it was the Oakland Police Department that caused him to choose to drop out of high school , to pistol whip a man and not even bother to finish stealing the car from him but choose another one, rape and sodomize a 12 year old girl and then kill 4 police officers because he didn’t want to go back to jail (and they are also accusing the OPD of genocide…no I haven’t figured that one out either.)
But none of this was his fault. Oh no. In fact they’d probably blame it on me if I was there. I’m kinda pink, so I must have been the reason that the original African slaves (sold by other African tribes into slavery) were brought over (to displace the native americans-my people actually, this is where I come into play) and that is the reason that Mixon did all this stuff. He wasn’t actually to blame for anything.
His choices had nothing to do with it.
And they probably BELIEVE all of this. They won’t ever change their minds, open their eyes and now that the world is rid of this walking disaster, he’s now a martyr in their eyes.
All those babies they have made and make from now on will hear all this.
I just hope some of them don’t believe it.

Dozens march for Mixon, against police
Vigil for suspected Oakland cop shooter
Oakland killer had just been linked to rape
Family’s account of Oakland parolee who killed the four police officers

Oh and all you Uhuru idiots who are lionizing him…
1. you are Americans, not Africans. If you are Africans you would have been born in Africa and would have been deported long ago. “Stop the war on the African Community” my ass. Last I checked, Oakland was in California.
2. Choosing a poster boy who rapes a 12 year old OF YOUR OWN COMMUNITY doesn’t lend your party any credence or make me think you are worth supporting. in fact, i think the FBI should be keeping tabs on you if you advocate raping children…


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