I miss road trips…

Of course now, I would feel guilty about all the carbon I release and the fossil fuels I use up, but before things were so apparently dire, I loved being able to throw a bunch of shorts and tshirts into a bag (generally I just dumped my books out of my backpack and stuffed in the clothes) and got in the car for various destination.
One time it was Corpus Christi after working late on a Friday.
We ended up sleeping in the car near the beach until we could find a crappy motel to stay at, but we spent the morning watching the sunrise over the Gulf of Mexico and drinking orange juice from the 7-11.
Or the times (mama, don't read this-or at least remind yourself I graduated with two BA's and made the Dean's list on both…) when finals were the following weekend and I said "I either know this stuff or I don't" and we all headed off to New Orleans.
The joy of all night drives (my favorite-I like the dark), 24h road side diners/truck stops, the "taking your life into your own hands" activity of eating egg salad sandwiches from Skank-E-Marts along I-10 and the hours and hours of talk with my road trip buddies, crappy copies of tapes from Austin bands and even the time spent in my head as I drove while everyone else slept.
Even the standard "go to visit family" was a 4-10 hour driving affair where I would load up the car (in college I would just grab all the dirty laundry as my "packing") sometimes with the cats as well, fill up my Super Big Gulp with Diet Coke and play 10 cd's through the night. (It made my dad crazy that I drove at night, but that is when I am awake (he's a morning person (freak) because in Texas is wasn't scorching hot thenand my eyes, they no like the brightness. It was all good. ).


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