Weetacon 2009

Bar Rules, originally uploaded by fredlet.

Another year of trekking to the great white north… though in this case it was the great beige north…it was rather warm for the first couple of days. I never even brought out my big down jacket; I wore my jacket liner the whole time.

I flew in to Appleton, WI instead of Green Bay only because that way I could avoid flying in through Chicago. I was trying to avoid flight delays…but we shall go into that more in depth later.

Took a redeye in and all went well, I had pondered hitching a ride with Joe and Mary since they were coming into Appleton as well, but in the end I decided that I may need to be able to drive places on my own (which after all was said and done was the right decision). So I got my rental heap and started driving the wrong direction. Google maps on my Treo corrected me soon enough, though my route wasn't too far off the recommended route. I'll say it again, my freak-out-OCD levels have dropped significantly with the addition of my data plan on my phone.) and got a Starbucks and some safety pins at a Target (shameful to neglect those in my pack-will not happen again.) and then got on the road for Green Bay.

I brought my standard monster down coat (that squishes nicely in a compression pack), fuzzy long janes and also got a liner jacket for just schlepping around instead of multiple sweaters (new tactic-I love traveling, its all about experimenting until you get it right.). Turns out it was nice and warm and I only needed the liner and a long sleeved shirt for 90% of the weekend.

Arrived at St Brendan's, knitted and talked to the group greeting folks (I knew that if I went to sleep it would be all over for the day.) and generally enjoyed hanging out.

There are two things I enjoy most about going to GB… Hanging around in the pub downstairs with everyone and talking and the sleigh ride and both generally take place on Friday.

The rest of the weekend was a blur of small bursts of sleep and long stretches of hallucination from lack of sleep (par for the course on these weekends-I'm either getting too old to tolerate it anymore or I'm smart enough to just not do it anymore since I didn't tolerate it all that well in the first place), but here were some of the moments I do recall with clarity:

  • TranceJen was not sick! and upright! and seemed to be feeling good! Yay!
  • Took advantage of the garden tub (well not all the way full, I would have felt guilty and wasteful using all that water) with Zoe Keating on the iPod (no, she wasn't in the tub with me) with my little travel-ly speakers.
  • Finishing my ears for this year and improvising the hat as we ended up wearing team hats this year (Weetathalon-raising money for the local food bank).
  • Winning the "OCD" trophy for generally trying to be support staff and geeking out by making a mobile site with all the weekend's info including lyrics for Sweet Caroline. I put Gin and Juice up there too but we didn't play the song this year. Huh.
  • Watching lesbian drama from afar at the Bad Bar and playing clean up crew along with a few other folks afterward.
  • Holiday Inn Appleton sucked….I suppose Joe and Mary must have had a redone room, because mine was NOT all that and a bag of chips. But it was nice having dinner at Outback with J&M while we were trapped one more night, near enough to everyone else, but too far away to be with them.
  • Met the famous Jincy-cat at Weetahouse.
  • Oh did I mention Blindfolded Spongebob Connect Four? No? Well, that was awesome. We really are animals.

All in all, I love these weekends.

Looking forward to the 2010 version.


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