I’m having a bit of trauma over Palm discontinuing the Palm OS [ ]. I HATE WINDOWS MOBILE. I don’t like Blackberry and I don’t think that the Google phone supports a keyboard (I have one that is specifically for Palm OS, but I also have a fold up Bluetooth keyboard as well that I want to use). I like having applications that work and I can do SO MUCH on my little Treo.
I’ve written articles on it (in fact, I wrote part of my contribution to David Pogue’s book on it (in graffiti no less), written emails galore, blog posting, kept myself amused for hours in airports before I ever had an iPod.
My mom is a junky, too (though recently she has gone over to the dark side
and got an iPhone… even if you can’t COPY FUCKING PASTE on it. Lame. Its
pretty, but severely lame.)
I still have almost all of my old Pilots/PalmPilots/Palm devices.

Pilot 1000
Pilot 5000
Pilot Personal
Pilot Pro
Palm III (I helped beta test these, and I had the little modem, it was
soooo cool.)
Handspring Visor Deluxe in orange ( ) and this is when I got the Audible module.
Handspring Prism
(I tried to live life without a Palm here, but it was awful… so I bought a…)
Treo 600
and lately I have the Treo 650.
There’s 12 years of Palm stuff. Not to mention the years of being the go to
person for cases….my favorite is still the leather one that I had for my
Handspring Deluxe.
Mmmmmm. They’d better hurry up and invent the phone I want.