Sooo close…..

Garmin, ASUS To Release Navigating Mobile Phone

"Garmin is known for its ability to make user-friendly and useful mobile devices, especially ones featuring GPS, and ASUS has been a pioneer in the new and growing category of the sub-notebook, or netbook.

The offspring of these two specialists is the first n�vifone with Windows Mobile that offers enterprise e-mail. It has dual-band 3.5G/tri-band GSM with Wi-Fi, a browser, push e-mail, document viewing, multimedia capability, Bluetooth, download speeds up to 7.2 Mbps, finger-based zoom and pan of Web pages, and, of course, Garmin satellite navigation.

There's also a 2.8-inch TFT touch display, a built-in mike and speakers, a three-megapixel camera with automatic geotagging, a full QWERTY soft keyboard, syncing with a computer to keep contacts and e-mails in parallel, and location-based services (LBS) that the companies describe as "the most advanced LBS experience of any Windows Mobile phone."

The M20 offers the navigational smarts of a premium Garmin n�vi sat nav, including preloaded maps and points of interest (POIs) for regions around the world. POIs are continually updated, and a user can, for example, find a destination by typing in the name or address, searching by category, or navigating to the contacts."

and then they lost me…

"But Ken Dulaney, vice president of mobile computing at Gartner, said the "thing that bothers me about the M20 is the size of the touchscreen." He added that Gartner's research indicated that a screen less than 3.5 inches, in combination with Windows Mobile, is "going to be a problem.""


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