Groundhog Day

Well last week was crummy.
Just after I said Bunny was fine (I jinxed it, apparently) she threw up about 6pm and didn’t eat until 3am. I managed to get a little tiny bit of canned food juice with a dose of Pepcid in there to calm her stomach down and also gave her a bit more subQ fluids, but that feeling of dread and inability to get her to eat gnawed at me until she asked for food later that night… it was awful.
I’ve been pretty fortunate in that Bunny has been pretty stable since last July or so, but I don’t look forward to the ongoing bad stuff since I go from “somewhat calm” to “freaked the fuck out” in about -3 seconds.
Happily, this weekend was pretty low key and Bunny has been eating like a pig since then.

I finally made it to Half Price Books to sell off a lot of old books that I haven’t looked at in years. I’m aiming for about a 90% reduction in books… physical books that is. I still have ebooks out the wazoo. I’m also doing a bunch of books on so I can still read new stuff and see if I want to buy it for my eReader…then I can post it back up and send it away again.
On the way back from Half Price, we meandered around and, after eating, wound up at a travel trailer lot. There’s no way I could keep even the pared down set of stuff I have and live in a trailer, but I told Tex about my idea of putting everything but the trailer fodder into storage somewhere cheap and then doing 6-8 month contract jobs and just moving in between. He thought it sounded pretty cool.
They were nifty trailers, but not what I would buy.
Did a tiny bit of laundry, but not enough to make a dent in the pile… but I can’t seem to bring myself to care about laundry right now.
I have a HUGE list of things to do to the house. Mostly involving clearing out stuff (nothing different about that.) but it seems to be happening (that is different). I think the trick is that I got baskets and if it didn’t fit in the basket, it went.
I like baskets…also, wine crates, but those are harder to come by… I tried to buy some off of Craigslist, but they flaked on me (really, CL has been pretty good, this is the first bad experience I’ve had.)
The list is taking a while to get through though, I keep getting distracted by the computer in between tasks.
Ah well.
I also test drove the $10 roaster I scored at Target the other week. I was hoping to be able to use it with a brisket, but, while it did cook it, it needed the long slow breakdown to make it tender. So, I’ll probably hack it up and cook parts of it in the oven or put it in the crock pot as stew meat for another 6 hours or so. I’ll test drive a turkey in it sometime. We had it on the Kill A Watt and though it loaded pretty heavily getting up to temperature, it dropped consumption down A LOT once it got there and just did little pulls to maintain temperature.
Pretty efficient after all was said and done; but not appropriate for brisket.

Today, I’m just tired.
Happy Monday.


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