I think I have a problem…

See this?

This makes me giddy.

I stared at it for 10 minutes in Target thinking of all the things I could do with it…
I could have beans slow cooking in one and then set up steel cut oats in another one and then also whip up something for dinner in the third.
Yegods, I’m a crock pot slut.

(Oh and my grandfather’s recipe for spaghetti sauce is teh awesome in the crock pot.)

So, Bunny.
I mentioned that I am SUPER HAPPY about her anemia backing off… primarily because the hematopoietin that they would have to give her (an injection daily) to stimulate the red blood cell creation (it is normally secreted by the kidneys, which aren’t doing so much lately) and has a high rate of rejection. After a couple of months she won’t tolerate it anymore… and my vet didn’t mention that there were alternatives to that.
So, while end stage renal failure is bad; the time for injections really does mean end-type things. However, the vet said we didn’t need to come back for 5-6 months after the last appointment (Dec ’08) so that will put us in May… 1 year from when she crashed. This is not too bad for a cat in renal failure. When he has her come in more frequently that will not be good. So far all her appointments have gotten progressively farther apart. (Doesn’t mean I’ll slack or not watch her like a hawk…we might even run in a little earlier in case of fredlet freak out..)
Mikey’s dog had renal failure and dogs don’t handle it very well at all (Shadow died within several months) but his vet mentioned a couple of things that made my ears perk up…
1. cats seem to deal with it pretty well.
2. there is an alternative to the hematopoietin that doesn’t have the rejection… but need to go grill the guy to find out exactly what it is.
I suspect it will take me going there for an appointment (but I won’t drag Bunny, she hates travel) to talk to him at length and get the information.
While I do love my vet, we’ve been dealing with him and another lady who isn’t there anymore for the last 13 years. So they do know Bun, but if I can find an alternative that he will consider, then I will do so.
Anyhoo, she’s eating and eating and eating, biting me to wake me up to feed her, walking all over me and generally being my Bun. Its lovely and I’m doing my level best to BE HERE NOW and not dwell on the nebulous end…sometimes its hard, but I’m trying to keep my extra-strength imagination in check.

I also got back to walking this week. I plugged in my Nike+ to my nano and did about a mile+ every day and was able to track it and measure it then sync it to the nikeplus website, and I was pretty pleased with it.
nikeplusDespite the fact that I am horking up a lung, today I went out and did more than a mile (30 minutes today; I did 1.04mi in about 18 minutes the last few days…so maybe 1.7 miles?) but I couldn’t tell you exactly how many miles I did because the little fucker disconnected and wouldn’t resync.
Turns out its quite a common occurrence with no known fix…and a profound silence from both Nike and Apple about the whole thing.
So, you’ll just have to take my word for it. I can’t post my little progress widget that they generate on their site with information synced from my nano to prove it, but I will be manually doing it. And if I can get the thing to read again I’ll try. However, part of the issue is that it poops out in the middle of the workout (today’s poop was at 20 minutes and I walked 30ish) and doesn’t keep track of anything but time.
So, the plan is to do 5+ miles a week which is not much, but its a compromise as I get to walk in a safe area by myself and I don’t get sweaty and can go back to work. I can’t stay after work to do it either as I need to get home to Bunny to feed her. (Though I have some things I’m going to try to remedy that to let me stay just a little later in the evening and if I’m a bit sweaty no one will be in the office to notice anyway. Of course I’ll post on it when I get it sorted.)


One thought on “I think I have a problem…

  1. ExceLENT on both sides! She is obviously feeling fabulous! And getting back to walking is outstanding. I am getting back into my exercise routine as well. No bike riding, too cool this week but maybe Sunday? mly&b

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