Sick Person Soup

Sick Person Soup, originally uploaded by fredlet.

chunks of poached chicken
boiled new potatoes (halved)
chicken stock
1 cup barley
1 cup shiitake mushrooms

Put in small crock pot with chicken stock about halfway up the pot.
Set on low and go back to bed.
When you get back, it will be warmed through, the potatoes will have added to the broth and the mushrooms will be ready to eat.
Add a pat of butter to your individual bowls and a bit of salt to taste….Zatarain’s if you are stuffed up.

Bonus points if you are coherent enough to find the carrots that you had in the fridge to put in there, too.
I am decidedly not at this point.


One thought on “Sick Person Soup

  1. seems you no longer need your mother to make chicken soup for you when you are not well ;) but i am happy to see you are getting good nutrition when you don’t feel well. mly

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