Snapshots in Time

10 years ago I was deciding to get married…MORON

8 years ago I lost my job and then shortly found out that my then husband lost his job the friday before… and didn’t tell me.

6 years ago I gave him the ultimatum that he had to get a job by the following February or I was leaving him, also was diagnosed with an stomach ulcer brought on by stress.

2 years ago I was a project manager

Five Yummy Things
1. my cat (not literally)
2. black beans made with applewood smoked bacon cooked in a crock-pot for 12 hours
3. backpacking
4. Trader Joe’s Citrus body lotion (again, not literally)
5. Eddie Izzard (literally)

Five Songs I know By Heart
1. Fingers of Love – Crowded House
2. American Tune – Paul Simon
3. I Love You, Goodbye – Thomas Dolby
4. Closer to God – Nine Inch Nails
5. One Week – Barenaked Ladies
(actually just about any song I have on my iPod. I can remember lyrics, but javascript kicks my arse.)

Five Places I’d Like To Escape To
1. The magical land where my cat’s kidneys work.
2. Paris
3. St Maarten
4. Carcassonne
5. on the A.T.

Five Things I’d Never Wear
1. A “W was a great president” t-shirt
2. pink
3. matching outfits with my boyfriend
4. business suits
5. velour jogging suits (I don’t have the chest hair or the gold chains to really make them WORK)

Five Favorite TV Shows
1. Burn Notice
2. AbFab
3. Friends
4. Gilmore Girls (seasons 1-6…season 7 is something else. Don’t know what, but it ain’t GG.)
5. The Young Ones

Five Things I Enjoy Doing
1. backpacking
2. reading
3. knitting
4. singing
5. cooking

Five Favorite Toys
1. Bunnycat
2. teh intarweb
3. A Gameboy (generally with Tetris in there)
4. my brain
5. other people’s brains (while still in their heads…what were YOU thinking?)


One thought on “Snapshots in Time

  1. Then you are the only person I know who will get this:

    Well that’s just TYPICAL! Half an hour before the most important party of my life and half the house has been crushed by a giant sandwich!

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