I think its hilarious (and sad at the same time) that the main roadblock I have in making new foods to inflict on have people try is the fact that their mothers butchered some recipe in their childhood.
I made chicken corn chowder and someone had nightmares about creamed corn.
I made beef stew and someone assumed that I made it tomato based and then promptly wrote off mine (mine is essentially Guinness beer based).
..or even the person who wouldn’t eat vegetable AT ALL due to his mother’s crimes against humanity wielding canned veggies.

Mom made me try everything (well, except liver, and even she wouldn’t eat liver) at least once. If I didn’t like it I never had to eat it again… I do that to some extent, but as much of a pushy broad as I am sometimes that doesn’t work.
Ah me…I guess some people will just have to trust me that I am not mean (and won’t make them eat icky things… I hate those kind of jokes.) and that my stuff tastes ok because I never met a stick of butter that I didn’t like.


3 thoughts on “Issues

  1. actually, I made you try things every several years or so since your tastes change. You didn’t like jack cheese for the longest time (Taco Bell burritos were just beans, no sauce or cheese). But you are a good cook now, but dont get hurt if people don’t play along. It is a very personal thing, food is. mly

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