Tis the season

for my nesting instinct to go crazy ape-shit bonkers. (This is also exacerbated by HGTV finally freakin’ putting up content for me to watch on the web…welcome to 2008 kiddies. Also, if you think that you can watch this on a wee netbook over wireless, you’d be thinkin’ wrong my friend. Plug in for this.)
Quandry: Why are carpenters always so hot and yummy?

So several things are gnawing at me.
1. I can’t decide if I just love this cakelet pan because its kind of winter-y or if I’ll use it all year long (I’m not so obsessed by the acorns only being winter, I suspect that I will like it all year round but I also don’t know if I’m just crushing on it right now.)
Wouldn’t these be fantastic as madeleine, corn muffins (with black beans), yellow cake acorns…
I got the idea here…

2. I spend all week planning for a 2 hour period (generally on SAT morning) to sit and drink a cup of coffee, have a little nosh and possibly read some newspaper type device and enjoy the quiet…until Bunny starts yellin’. :)
(Oh my sweet yell-y cat.)
Hasn’t happened yet, but it gets me through the week.

3. Lesson 1 on how to kick me into house obsession mode: I’m having some folks over for a “Split the Difference” party…in between xmoose and New Year’s…
So far the menu is:

  • A small cassoulet (using my smaller Ikea bowl-if you eat a lot of cassoulet, its all over… you are in happy coma and you won’t want anything else.)
  • Crock pot black beans (with little acorn corn breads… lots of Zatarain’s)
  • Giant cupcake
  • Baked brie with caramelized onions (based on this)

hmmm… still haven’t figured out what else I’ll be making, but I’ll update later.

Also, this isn’t edible…. but I have my eye on something like this:
Bombay Chest
Well… I might gnaw on it a little because it is so pretty…


3 thoughts on “Tis the season

  1. now you are making me hungry. and the chest looks like Bud’s [probably currently stuffed into the garage as the ‘stager’ didn’t like any of our furniture – too ‘old fashioned’]. mly

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