Post Turkey Day Post

Sorry, I couldn’t resist (and I suspect that that very fact is the root cause of MANY of my issues.)

Anyhoo, iTunes playlist running on infinite repeat, Shiba Inu Puppy Cam on the screen (best tv show EVER… even better than the rotisserie tv show), coffee is on the drip and I am back in my Sock Monkey jammies.
I doubt it will be an all day thing like yesterday, but yesterday was very nice. I do need a nap day every once in a while.

Kitchen is finally getting clean. Tex and I have been tag-teaming on dishes (I wash 3 then he washes 10, but I put everything away so I can find it again. Seriously, after 4 years of him being here all the time and he still doesn’t really know where everything goes.)

Oh look, one of the puppies is biting the other one on the winkle. Ouch.

I didn’t end up making Guinness Beef Stew yesterday, we were both so full from Turkey Day proper that, at most, we nibbled on the very little pie leftover and warmed up turkey for tortillas.


Proto-Guinness Beef Stew
OK, today is the day for Guinness beef stew, also apparently, to watch The Quiet Man and speak in an atrocious Irish accent…

I didn’t have any beef broth (as the recipe called for) so I just put two cans of Guinness in there… what?
We’ll see how it turns out. My cooking is always an adventure.
Smells good though.

…8 hours later…

The beef is where the Guinness flavor ends up, the broth smells really good but not really Guinness-y.
Guinness Beef Stew


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